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Nutritional and dietary guidelines for people who are obese

BY: Deena David | Category: Men | Post Date: 2009-09-23

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   Deena David
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People who are obese usually do not know what to eat and what kind of food will help to decrease the obesity. There are hundreds of diet programs that promise to reduce the obesity. When the individual starts on the diet, they realize that the diet is a fad diet. The fad diets promise a lot, but only help to swindle money from the people who are obese.

This article lists and also details the most important guidelines and also diet considerations that are necessary for the individuals who are obese. Following these guidelines that are listed will help to decrease the obesity at least to a certain extent.

The most important goals of diet treatment of obesity are:

1. Decrease the body fat to that of within 20% of the ideal body weight.
2. Develop more healthy eating habits
3. Prevent loss of lean body mass during weight reduction.
4. Maintain weight loss.

When a person has these goals before them when they are on a diet, they are more likely to stick to these goals and try to achieve them.

Diet guidelines:

1. Fiber:
Diet fiber is very important in any diet that helps to decrease the body weight. The importance of fiber in the diet cannot be under stated. This is because fiber is very important in more than one way to reduce the weight of a person. Diet adds bulk to the food. People who are on a high fiber diet also do not feel hungry. This helps them to have a decreased intake of food. This prevents excessive energy consumption.

2. Low fat diet: The person who is on the diet should try to include food that has low fat. Even low fat foods like poultry and fish are preferable to mutton and pork.

3. Oil: The food should preferably contain as minimal oil as possible. This is because excess oil in the food causes an increased consumption of fat. This leads to more fat deposits in the body.

4. Energy mismatch: The individual on the diet should make sure that there is no energy mismatch. The person should try to work out to expend the energy that has been added to the body by consuming food.

Other important things to be remembered when on a diet:

1. Unprocessed food:
The person who wants to reduce the weight and also prevent obesity should always eat unprocessed food. Processed foods have a lot more calories than unprocessed food. This will cause the person to become obese.

2. Nutrition: The food that is being consumed by the person should be balanced. The food should have all nutrients that include vitamins, minerals and other foods. This will help to reduce the obesity. Eating food that is concentrated in any one kind of nutrient will cause an imbalance that can increase the drive for certain kind of foods. This in turn will cause the person to eat more leading to obesity.

These are the various guidelines and diet considerations that when followed will help to reduce the weight and control obesity.

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About Author / Additional Info: I have completed my Masters Degree in Paediatric Nursing. I am a writer with a passion for writing. I have been writing for some blogs and other sites. Comments are welcome at the following e mail address: deenaanddavid@gmail.com

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