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Nurturing family by food, chats, love and fun!

BY: Swati | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-09-30

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We simply cannot count heads in a family. Each one is an active member of a coherent group integrated by fraternal ties and affectionate bonds. There may be big mysteries behind the successful families, we can share some small secrets of the common man!

We are not talking about some picnic or internet game or TV show for families. We are also not sprucing a 3 in 1 product advertisement.

Amongst the many little reasons that make a family happy, joyful and bubbling with energy to meet any challenges together are:

- Common Meals
- Communication
- Leisure Time

Ever since man was born on this earth, we have evidence to show that group feeding was the practice, even the stone man sat with his people to gulp. Most of the animals and birds enjoy their edible collection together. Even the most dangerous of predators are known to feed on their prey in union. No wonder, those who eat together, stay together! What is the secret behind feasts and parties? Making merry together. The kitchen of a family could be the most important Board Room in man's private domestic life (Inc.)

A family cannot be treated as a silent movie. Once the members get together, if each one shares his day out and new experiences, even fears and bad moments, the whole family gets together to resolve it. A democratic set up keeps the self respect and emotional security level intact. The sense of belonging gets stronger by conversations, chats, even gossip.

A family can also not be considered to stand guard their home and house like para-military forces. The most satisfied are those who make fun, enjoy, sing, dance, explore, picnic, see movies, play games and enjoy their leisure times together. It is not only a great stress buster for all but also rejuvenating relationships within the family. Even petty differences of recent past can be laughed away.

The bottom line is, in the fast commercial life of today, we need to spend some real quality time with our loved ones and eat, chat and have fun together!

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