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Number one rule of Weight Loss for ordinary people: GO SLOW !

BY: Swati | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2008-10-19

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For common people like you and me, there is NOTHING CALLED A FAST WEIGHT LOSS
We have seen all sort of success stories on TV "reality" shows and read amazing success stories about weight loss inside magazines in which people shedding 5-10 pounds (2-5kg) weight every week. Within just a few months they transform themself from obese to the ones having perfectly thin and healthy bodies. Reality shows like "The biggest loser" are great inspiration for people who have recently gained weight or have struggled for years, but their plan may not be applicable to ordinary people like us sitting in our home. When you go to the nearby grocery store, you will find magazines full of stories on how celebrities lost their pregnancy fat within just a few months. We see advertisements on TV which tell people to take pill that will either reduce their hunger or increase the metabolism.

The biggest problem is that the weight loss programs have become a big commercial industry. Weight loss industry wants to make maximum money out of regular/ordinary people by giving examples of a few people who were successful in reducing the weight super fast using their technique. Everyone projects that their program is easy and the best. The fact is that people who we see losing weight fast on TV and on magazine cover books have the best medical care, trainers and the equipment, WE DON'T. We have to deal with our day today problems and obviously we do not have access to the expensive doctors and trainers. If you want to lose weight, forget about losing it too quickly because it usually does not work for majority of people. Making very drastic transformations in our food, lifestyle and excessive workout in a short time finally results in frustration, failure and stress - Therefore GO SLOW"

The best way to lose weight is by giving body enough time, and by making gradual changes in life. This gives our body and mind time to adjust to the new set of rules you have made. It is fine to make a promise to yourself on your birthday or new year that next year, same time, I will have the body figure and weight "I" want. Set monthly benchmarks and if you are unable to beat it one month, be a bit more strict the following month. It is totally fine to add a month or two to your initially planned date of accomplishment (but try to avoid it as far as possible). By giving yourself an year's time you can take things a bit easily. Do not delay things just because you have an year, start working towards your goal right away. Therefore the golden rule to lose weight for common people like you and me is to go slow.

1. Your mind (and will power) will support you better:
When we try to lose weight fast, its usually out of a burst of motivation, which tends to die out within a few weeks. By going slowly and steadily you do not overstress. It is easier to lose just 2 or 3 pounds every week instead of 5-6 pounds, therefore sticking to your weight loss plan is easier and more practical.

2. Your body will respond better:
Its simple, if you suddenly start running too much or start lifting too many weights to lose weight fast, you will likely injure yourself. Instead of burning too many calories only at the treadmill or the gym, live an active lifestyle. Walk a lot, go to your nearby places simply by walking on the feet. Don't use elevator if you have to climb just a few stories, go to park and play. After all that you can burn the remaining calories on the treadmill or by lifting some weights.

3. Talk to your doctor:
It is always a good idea to go to your doctor once before you start your weight loss initiative so that they can approve what all you plan to do. Tell your doctor about physical exercises you want to do and types of food habits you plan to change. A doctor may be able to tell you a few do and dont's that may apply to you. Then visit your doctor every 3 months to get a general checkup done.

4. Don't lose your dedication - stick to your plan:
Just remember the path you have taken - Slow and STEADY wins the race. Don't go out one day and eat too much that it reverses many days of your hard work.

Few other points to keep in mind include:

1. Avoid eating excessive food due to peer pressure or just because you are going to the party.

2. Don't tell everybody that you are in the process of losing weight, let them observe and complement you. If you tell people it kind of raises expectation and pressure on you to lose weight faster.

3. Watch out your sugar and other fatty foods. Eat fruits and drink a lot of water. Cut down on soda, alcohol and avoid fast foods. Try to cook at home so that you can watch-out what you eat. If you dine out, try to select healthy places.

4. Make friends who watch their daily diet:
Its always good to have a company of friends who generally follow a strict healthy diet plan.

I am not a doctor or a weight loss expert, but I have written this article from the experiences of a group of friends who together were able to lose weight in a year's time.

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