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New Album - THE RAREBREED (Tracy Haynes)

BY: T Page | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-05-08

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   T Page
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Toledo, OH- On June 9th 2009, Flip N Flex Records, Hustle Hand Entertainment, M3M Management will release ‘The Rarebreed,' the new studio album by independent R&B singer Tracy Haynes. Produced by Executive Producer Frank Wright, and in collaboration with Hustle Hand Entertainment, the album contains some of Tracy's best songwriting and performances since the release of his ‘Go Live' single.

The Album ‘The Rarebreed' features Tracy's masterful voice, and showcases some of his finest guitar work to date. Augmented by Tracy's innovative soundscapes, ‘Surprise' includes contributions from musicians including Midwest Tone, Chief, Mally Speaks, B Jones, DiChele Parker, Charles Mack and David Ross,

‘The Rarebreed' was mixed & mastered by Frank Wright, and recorded at Wright Tyme Multi Studio in Toledo. The album features 11 songs, including the previously recorded singles -Go Live- and -Pretend- The new singles off this highly anticipated album are -What Happened-

The Album -The Rarebreed- is a meaningful and soulful album; the album was influenced by Tracy's Daughters, life experiences. Artistically Tracy is influenced by R Kelly, Avant, Ne-Yo and Sam Cook. You can expect some of the most raw and uncut and best of Tracy. This album is some of the best of Tracy's work. One thing that separates Tracy, from other musicians is Tracy is not scripted, or too commercial he is original, real, and respectful for both the fans and the entertainment business as a whole.

The album can be purchased online at CDbaby.com, iTunes.com, Amazon.com, Buy.com; it will also be available locally in stores at Sound Asylum, Allied Records and Freon Records.

Tracy grew up in Toledo, Ohio in a two-parent home with his two older sisters. Music was in his blood from the beginning, listening to his father perform with his gospel group, Toledo's Own Gospel Highlights, and singing himself from the impressionable age of two. Picking up where his father left off, Tracy helped form a gospel group, True Faith, at fourteen. The five-part harmony were demanded by, and performed at, several churches in the region.

By the time Tracy made it to high school, the R&B bug had gotten a hold of him and wouldn't let go. Before he was old enough to drive, Tracy was writing and producing for his newest musical creation, All Out. Influenced by Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, P Diddy, and his pastor, Tracy was cranking out hits for his group. The ensemble of seven, made up of five rappers and two singers, enjoyed local success, performing throughout Toledo and the surrounding areas, and receiving radio play from the only urban station in the market. Even with all of the early attention,

-Honest and introspective songs from the heart, a voice from the soul, and a sound that appeals to a broad audience and artistically Tracy is a sensitive and engaging artist- is how -T Page-, Music Manager & Publicist of Tyme Management describes Ohio-born singer/songwriter Tracy Hayne's music. As Northwest Ohio audiences would like to claim the fast-rising talent as theirs alone. Tracy, now recording and showcasing in many different major cities across the United States

Tracy Haynes has already confirmed his first appearance for the new album: he and his band will cap off with a magnificent show at the Sweet Auburn Springfest 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia on May 8th - May 10th 2009. He is also scheduled to appear on local radio stations, and will be doing interviews and promo runs across the United States. Tour plans are currently in the works for both summer and fall, please check www.myspace.com/419tracy for announcements and details.

Tracy's Album Release Party will be held June 6th 2009 and will be sponsored by NUVO Sparkling Liquor & Ciroc Premium Vodka and presented by T Page and Tyme Management & M3M Management the releaser party will be held at the newly Civic Center/ Erie Street Market located 237 S. Erie Street Toledo, Ohio 43604. Everyone is the city will be there from the regular college crowd to entertainment industry professionals to the fans and supporters or Tracy Haynes.

For More Information please contact

Tyree Page, Publicist
Tyme Management
419.283.5289 | tpage_online@yahoo.com

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