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Networking and Your Loved Ones

BY: linda wilson | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2009-12-22

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   linda wilson
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Are you new to Network Marketing?

You've found the best company/product/service on the market? Can't wait to tell your family and friends, because you know they'll be your first customers/downliners? After all, they're your greatest supporters, so they'll be queuing up to test your product, right?

Wrong! In most cases, our loved ones will be the last people to be won over. That doesn't mean you don't offer them the chance to have a look. Just don't expect them to feel quite as excited as you. You may be trying to sell them the best ever skin care/telephony deal/cosmetic/household cleaner/super dooper gadget that ever hit the market place. But, that's where the problem lays. It's YOU that's trying to sell it to them.

To our loved ones, YOU are just that! YOU. They know you as their child/sibling/friend/workmate. They just can't quite picture you in a different role, as someone who could quite possibly have found the way to build a substantial income by offering everyone they meet a new opportunity.

They will be quite happy to buy something from a total stranger who knocks at their door, but will politely turn you down, when you offer them the exact same product, only cheaper and better. You don't believe that? Then ask anyone in MLM, and I bet many of them will say this has happened to them. It certainly happened to me, on more than one occasion.

Experiences like this can be quite devastating in the early days, and can, quite often than not, turn someone away from Network Marketing. After all, if those closest to you don't believe in your product or service, then what chance have you of selling it to a stranger?

Probably a far greater chance! But don't let's forget, still offer your product/service/opportunity to everyone, whoever they are. Don't bore them. Don't try flogging a gift horse. Just let everyone know what you're involved in; ask them if they'd be interested in having a look. If not, fair enough. No hard feelings; after all, we've all got the right to make our own choices, and we all make different ones.


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About Author / Additional Info: Linda Wilson is the editor of a local community magazine, and a distributor with Utility Warehouse, providing low cost telephony and energy to the residential and business markets. Has recently also joined Wikaniko as a distributor, providing eco friendly products to households and families.

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