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Natures Basket in danger - Save Nature

BY: sneha4u | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2009-04-20

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Imagine ourselves surrounded by lush trees dancing in the winds, chirping birds, the gurgling sound of flowing water, the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, all sorts of animals roaming here and there. Indeed a beautiful thought or dreams come true for any person in earlier times but Not Now!!!!

Times have changed, now we will find huge shapely buildings, honking horns, sound of people chattering, smell of polluted air, all sorts of vehicles roaring on the roads. Alas! A never imagined thought, but the Reality which can never be inverted to depict the original scenery.

The ever growing demands and needs of man have given rise to a totally different picture that natured had given birth to. The vast forest lands consisting of lakhs of trees have been cut down to accommodate lakhs of people. Due to this, animals, birds have lost their natural habitat and now are sheltered in zoos, animal enclosures which are not in accordance to the law of nature.

The loss of nature and ever increasing pollution has also given rise to Global Warming which every one is aware of. This has also affected the entire world in an adverse way leading to certain problems like:
Increase in temperature.
Melting of ice shelves.
Spread of diseases.
Increase in mortality rates.
Threat to the lives of all living things.

Also over excessive use of all natural resources like water, natural gases, petroleum is leading to scarcity of the same. We should use these resources with care or they will be unavailable for the future generations to come. Using other alternative sources will reduce the burden on the natural resources. We can make use of the following to satisfy our basic necessities.
Solar energy.
Thermal energy.
Wind energy.

Every one of us has to take the initiative to at least prevent the condition from deteriorating further as -Prevention is better than cure-. If all of us wish to have a bright future then we should try and make a change ourselves. One can do some of the following simple steps to help restore nature. Even though it might seem very small, they can do wonders.

Plant trees, plants in our vicinity and care of them.

If there are trees in your area water them occasionally.

Prevent cutting down of trees.

Don't waste water un-necessarily instead keep bowls filled with water in your balconies, or outside your houses to quench the thirst of birds and animals there.

Use alternatives to save natural resources.

So folks, think about ideas to help save our environment and do implement them for our betterment. Save Nature!!!!!

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