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Mysticism: Moksha or the union with God.

BY: chitracs | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-10-19

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Mysticism is the realization of truth that the divine and the self are distinct. By constant practice, one person could achieve this stage. As per Hindu culture, the complete detachment of mind from worldly pleasures is called mysticism. The Jains call it as Moksha, that is getting liberation from karma. It is also known as union with God. Putting in simple words, getting enlightenment is mysticism. Throughout the world, all the religions talk about mysticism. In the quest of divinity, everybody explores the possible means of mysticism. It can also be a sense of mystical knowledge. The acceptance of allegation, without asking for proof or evidence is also mysticism.

By way of super sense perception, getting acquaintance of realities is called a mystical experience. When an experience contains sense perception it is called as extrovertive experience. The introvertive experience expresses the emptiness. In the western culture, the para normal communication is known as mysticism. The mysticism could also be described as attaining the stage of satisfaction, contentment and bliss, realization of inner feelings and sense of reality, feeling holy and getting an experience of inexpressible feelings, which could not be described in words. The experience of one person may be different from another person. Some people presume that the world is immersed in God and some other say that the things in the world are overflowing from the God.

The whole concept of mysticism is not related to religion alone. Those people not believing religions also, have got belief in mysticism. They talk about the unity of subject and object. They say that unifying with nature is mysticism. They show much interest in protecting the wealth of nature and saving the universe. They consider earth as their mother and show love and affection towards it.

Some people say that mysticism is a superstitious belief and some other argue that it is proved scientifically. The science deals with facts only. In the present day world, everything has become mechanical and everybody leads a time table life only. The science has taught us to understand and accept anything by using senses. The identity of response in the normal human consciousness, it is a proof that mysticism could be accepted scientifically also. If we are able to control our emotions and feel that the spirit of one person is the similar to that of another person, then mysticism is an acceptable one.

A person if he understands the spiritual world and gets the knowledge, he is called mystic. A mystic person is considered to be very strong as he could control emotions. He could overcome all difficulties and hurdles. He has got the realization of his inner God. He sees God in everything and so he is in joyous mood always. He achieves the stage of accepting failure and success, equally. The tolerance and sympathy in him, brings many people towards him. The realization of God has given him the strength of being cool and calm . He wants nothing but everything marches towards him for his acceptance.

Many religions say that God is everywhere. The eternal life is known as knowledge of God. The mysticism says that attainment of the direct knowledge is possible. The identity of knowledge is the mark of reality. After finding a path, we should think about the method by which super knowledge could be attained. It is called as knowledge of path. The man is tied with worldly pleasures and attachments and to get relief from these, knowledge is required. Since mysticism teaches to be kind to others, it could be practiced.

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