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My life as I was growing up in Paris, Illinois

BY: Jcooper | Category: Men | Post Date: 2008-06-16

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I was born in a small town of Illinois and lived with my mom, my dad and my older sister. It was a small town known as Paris in Illinois. I didn't know much about it at that time, I cried all the time when it stormed and ran to my mom and dad's room and asked them if I can sleep with them until the storm was over. When I was about 2 years old We all moved to Indiana. We moved to a little bigger town but it was still small. My mom and dad always said that they would not move to a big city but it was fine with me. I always hung out with my uncle.

When I got older me and my mom really never got along, we got to a point where we were fighting all the time. By the time I was 14, I went to move with other family members because my mom didn't want me to live with her. he told me that she didn't care if I had to live on the street. I was very sad that she did not care about me. I moved back and forth everywhere to try to survive. Sometimes wen I didn't have a place to go my dad let me stay with him and my mom, but that didn't last too long because my dad and my mom had a fight over something and she told me to get out. At that time I didn't really care because it had happened so many times anyways.

When I was 17 my grandma asked me if I would go live with her and that made me so happy. So I got all my stuff and moved to a real small town to live with her and then my grandma got real sick and would not go to the doctor. She kept getting sick and sick and then we got to a point where she knew that she would not live for very long. That is where she found out that she had cancer and only had about a year to live. I found out because she was crying and I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had cancer and had to go get a surgery done. She did that and she was still not getting better and then the doctor told her that cancer was spreading all over her body and that she only had 6 months to live, she died 6 months later. A little bit later when I was 21 I moved away and got married and now I have a kid of my own. Now my life is getting a lot better and I am going to spend all the time i can with my son. I don't want him to live the life I did.

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About Author / Additional Info: So that is my story I wanted to write that to get people to know how my life was in childhood and I hope no one else has to live the way I did. I look back to the way my life use to be and to this day it still makes me sad.

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