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My academic journey so far ...

BY: GalUR0ck | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-01-22

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Hi there,

I am pursuing MBA in HR and this is the most wonderful thing that I am currently experiencing.

In my schooling years I was a very simple average kinds gal

Then I got into college. Much against my wish to join this College which was -Gokhale College- at Borivali West. This college did not have sophisticated crowd and normally the lower middle class students would be seen in and around the campus, which was again not that big and classy like the ones in Big colleges.

I had scored 76% in SSC and my brother asked me to join this college. That time I thought all wrong about him. He was jealous of me, didn't wish that I should roam in the cream crowd, and what not!!!! I remember I had cried two days when I agreed to join it.

First day was ok

But day by day, I realized that the college was not as bad as I thought it to be. Sooner after my first sem did I realize that I had scored the top marks among my class and my friends really looked upto me. My teachers were impressed with my thinking and writing skills.

They used to suddenly enter the class, get me and push me to some of the Essay writing, Elocution, Debate, Poetry writing competition which was ongoing. I used to argue saying -Come on, I can't attempt this, I am not prepared- To this, their kool reply would just be -So what!!! Worst come - you will fail right!! As it is you are not prepared so if you lose you won't really feel the pinch. Now come on don't waste time already you are 10 mins late, you just have 20 minutes to attempt it.

Gosh!!!! I used to feel really suffocated and helpless.

Surprisingly when the results came, I stood 2nd from the entire college. That's it - this was the start for my confidence level to zoom up. I got the belief I had something in me and I can very much do it.

Being a nature lover, I was initially a coordinator for the excursions and nature club picnics which was more or less trekking types.

I started mixing up with many students as well as professors.

Sooner I became the known face in my college and every single friend would look up to me for anything that bothered him

I tell you I was so happy and felt like being on top of the world!!! Frankly then I started realizing that my brother really understood my hidden desire and hence had purposely decided this for me. How stupid I was to even doubt his intentions!!!!

My college years were just dream come true with me being recognized as one of the scholars yet a bubbly character, very hardworking yet lively with dance competition, personality shows, extremely good in communication skills yet immature and extremely excited about everything that would come my way, capable of handling responsibilities well yet being very short-tempered and speaking straight what was in my heart.

In the last year of my college I was really serious about my passion - my studies and really wanted to make it to the top again!!! Surprisingly, much against my wishes to shoulder responsibility, I became the Cultural Secretary of my college. Whoo!!!! What a lovely time that was. I actually learnt so many things which is now helping me in my professional life. How to deal with new guys, represent your college, get the work done - amazing things!!!

I wanted to do my MBA after college but then my brother's business partner had some issues with the ongoing business and broke the agreement. My brother would do an MBA was the family decision. I realized it was definitely more important for him at that time and stepped back. Nothing that my family told me not to pursue it, but getting my Angel Father (then the only earning member) into yet another loan factor made me take back my step. I decided I shall earn for some years and pursue it on my own merit.

I was extremely fortunate to have Excellent bosses throughout my so called career of almost 6 years now (I started my career on 28-April-03). They really boosted my confidence and gave me additional responsibilities, which were new challenges. As I always state, I have been an extremely special child of God. My working years were fantastic and its been that each year I get promotions. Currently I am working in Schneider Electric, this is my 3rd company, but here also its been a privilege working under another Angel who happens to be my boss. He has given me so many responsibilities yet complete freedom to persue my dreams.

Then there were these 2 angels - Shailesh and Sanjeev who really taught me so many things.

I was 3 months under a CA after my tenth, just to kill the 3 month long vacation. This is where I met Shailesh Shah, now a CA, who taught me lots. When 13 year old masses didn't understand the concept of debit and credit, here I was tallying Balance sheets and entering around 100-200 enteries into the system for our client. Amazing I just love to remember the old days. My first salary was Rs 800 for those 3 months which meant more than a billion to me!!!

In my first job in 2003 I met Sanjeev Kuttan, who then taught me everything - word, xl, powerpoint, which now my team says I am an expert at. He has been so caring, supporting in every way. I used to call him -Alladin's chirag- I used to wish something and this guy would in next moment get it or do it for me. We worked together for 2 and half years but that time I remember we mostly laughed and had so much fun!!

I had another angel named Sumesh Nair who met me in Schneider. I am deeply grateful for his suggestions, inputs, caring ways, showing me a path in my life. He was one guy who was extremely motivating and directed me to a goal in Life. I had married a wrong person, who had psychiatric problems and was impotent. I realized the relationship was going no-where and decided to take a divorce. Sumesh was with me lifting my up every moment when I really needed support.

My school and college friends everyone was just so caring with their own sweet ways to see I am not depressed or even a little down in life.

I am extremely proud to say I am the most luckiest person to have the best of friends, relative and above everything a family with Angels. They have supported me so much and encouraged me when I really needed their buck up!!!

I enrolled for my MBA in HR from ICFAI.

My first lecture was on 16th January 09. Till date I was also very lucky to have best of Professors to give me a high quality education and above that, values for life. I wasn't so happy to see Prof Iqbal who was introduced to us that he would teach us Introduction to Management.

He began to speak and sooner I realized I was again wrong. This guy was yet another angel that God had sent to me. His inspiring talks really encouraged me to chase my dream.

You know what my dream is??? I dream to become a completely different elevated person in 2 years. Extremely Professional and having a persona that would spell bound the people in just a mere interaction. I am extremely optimist so I definitely plan to settle down in Life again (this time being extremely careful and alert) I should have everything that I dream of at my fingertips and the best part would be everything would be that it is self-made. To put it simply I should earn it and not just get it.

Prof Iqbal doesn't teach, hez divided the chapter into 5 parts and has asked us to present it to the class. Again not as a newsreader but he needs creativity and innovativeness - he says you are allowed to crack a joke, act the scenes. I leave it to you, but I need a creative presentation.

The best part what I loved about him is he says MBA is not in these books, It's in you. And its my job to polish and bring that out. MBA graduates will not be asked what Management means, they will be presented with n number of problems and people will expect creative, innovative solution out of them

Gosh!!! I was just carried away with these challenging words. He had won my heart.

I still remember the incident that he was lecturing and mentioning that he has taught so many people who are today Big Shots, earning amazingly in their extremely high profiled designations.

I raised my hand and asked him, Do you feel bad that you have taught them and they have superseded you??

To this he instantaneously replied, -Why should I???, Tell me if your kid grows big and supersedes you drastically will you be happy or regret that you didn't achieve what he did?-

I was shocked and without words to answer him. He continued, -To me everyone is just like my own kid who has the passion but no direction, I want you guys to wake up and achieve something that was just beyond my reach and If you make it, belive me I shall be more happy than you.

Amazing thought a person could have!!!! My respect towards him grew manifold.

This Saturday - 24th January - is my first presentation. And I have made sure that I do it utmost creatively so that he is happy. I woke up day before yesterday at 2:00am, wrote a play encompassing all the chapters which were in our purview, put some really funny aspects to them (obviously with the help of my angels - Dad, brother and one of my colleague)

I am so anxious to present it to him and get just an expression, Gal you are my next target - I wish to see you up there - really soon. God!!! I would just love that!!!!

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About Author / Additional Info: Hi there, This is Namita Vyavaharkar again, this is my 4th article on Saching. I am just loving it. This is the best use of my spare time. Believe me, when i dont have things on my plate i just keeping thinking what do i write about next!! I just follow my heart and whoop an article is born!!!! Amazing, isnt it??

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