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Mother-Child Relationship: Prepare your child under the womb to become virtuous

BY: moonlight | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-08-09

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Both the physical and mental growth are indispensable for the child. As the physical growth can be taken care of at the time of pregnancy similarly the mental growth can be taken care of by the mother at the time of expecting. Every thought, action, emotion and interest of the mother constructs the behavioral pattern of the child in the future. By becoming positive, creative and spiritual the mother can inculcate the good virtues in the child at the time of pregnancy.

The relationship of a mother and the child is so pure and the innocent that cannot be expressed into the worldly sayings. Only the mother can feel all the minute and the major changes that take place during the expecting time of 9 months. The mother builds up a very close bonding with the child under the womb. It feels really great for a lady to become a mother. The moment a lady gets to know that she is expecting that very moment she starts dreaming about her child's going to be features, behavior and even the name by which she would call her child. A mother performs that every action that is supposed to be good, healthy and moreover essential for the good growth of her child.

Today even the Science also confirms the facts about the relationship of a mother and the child. Science confirms that every action, feeling, emotion and activity leaves a deep impact on the consciousness of the child under the womb. Every action of the mother is directly related to the physical and the mental growth of the child. At the time of pregnancy every mother is being prescribed to eat healthy and fresh food (fruits, green vegetables, juices, cereals) so that it leads to a healthy physical growth of the child.

Now the science has laid down new results of various experiments done during the time of pregnancy. Those all results confirm that not only physical growth but the mental and behavioral growth of the child is also essential and surprisingly it can be taken care of during the time of pregnancy only. Under some experiments, few ladies were given only diet and health planning and were prescribed to do anything else they want to do. Few ladies were given the diet plans as well as were prescribed to follow positive and relaxing activities, to do lot of reading of good stuff, prayers and so on. As a result when the children were born and were kept under observation it was found that children of the ladies who were involved in the positive activities were very much healthy, happy, vibrant, spontaneous, courageous and confident whereas the other children were only physically good but mentally and behaviorally unstable and shy.

As to conclude it if on the one hand for the physical growth the mother needs to intake healthy food then on the other for the mental and behavioral growth of the child the mother needs to take care of her every thought, activities, knowledge she learns, her behavior and her interests. A mother is directly responsible for the behavioral and mental development of the child during the time of pregnancy. Every thought and action done by the mother at this time would construct the major part of the behavior pattern and mental status of the child in the future. Positive thoughts, innovative activities, spiritual learning's, readings and prayers directly inculcate good virtues into the sub-conscious mind of the child. And after the birth the child very easily reacts to all those thoughts and activities those were inhibited into his consciousness at the time of pregnancy.

Besides the activities for physical growth here are some of the activities enlisted for the women who want to input good virtues into their child:

READING SPIRITUAL BOOKS: at the time of pregnancy mother should read spiritual books that involves the knowledge about this natural phenomenon, the reality of human beings, reality of the Supreme Being and the relationship of human beings with the god. This knowledge would make the child pure SPIRITUAL, INTROVERT and KNOWLEDGEABLE person at the later stage who would love to explore the reality of life.

HABIT OF TALKING WITH THE CHILD: mother should talk to her child every moment. She should do a heart to heart conversation with her child about her every activity that she is doing at that moment, what she feels about the child, how much she loves her child and so on. a mother who is working can do a very interesting task that is she can record her voice into a tape or a CD expressing her feelings for her child and interests, telling the child that she wants the child to become a good person and finally listen to that tape regularly at the time of going to bed at night. This activity would make the child TRUTHFUL, and TRANSPARENT to the mother and to others as well. The child would learn to express his/her feelings very frankly in the future.

DO MEDITATION: meditation is not a process but it is a connection with God and positivity. Develop a habit to meditate. In simple words, meditation is the conversation with god. When you would meditate with god not only you but your child in the womb would automatically be connected with god as well. Share your feelings with god and take positive vibrations from him. Intentionally visualize that positive vibrations are coming from the god and they are spreading all over your womb making your child relax , pure and divine. This activity would do wonders into the child's life. The child would become extremely HUMBLE, PEACEFUL and a DIVINE person. The child would be involved in meditation at a very early stage without your reference.

READ POSITIVE THOUGHTS: paste few really good positive thoughts in front of you and try to locate them so close that you get to see them when you wake up in the morning and at the night while going to bed. Read them all only this much loudly that is hear-able for you and try to ponder over that thought for few minutes. This churning of positive thought would motivate you and would sow a seed of COURAGE, DETERMINATION and LEADERSHIP in the child's mind and hence in behavior.

WATCH DISCOVERY CHANNEL: well, watching discovery channel is a good option for the mother who wants her child to become curious, researcher and explorative about the hidden facts. Avoid the haunting and extremely wild programmes and enjoy the programmes based on travelling, housing, science and various cultures and countries. Mother can also enjoy the laughter shows in which she would get the chance to smile and to laugh as well. This activity would inhibit the virtue of EXTROVERTNESS, HAPPINESS and CURIOSITY in the child.

INVOLVE IN CREATIVE ACTIVITIES: a mother should be involved in some creative activity such as writing, dancing, singing, painting, handicrafts and so on. Be careful while dancing and do it only according to the suitability. Otherwise rest of the creative activities can be done very easily. These activities would inculcate the virtue of SELF ANALYSIS, TALENT and CREATIVITY into the child. In future the child would definitely be involved in creative activities and would make you proud by the talent.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: All these activities also help in improving the relationship of a mother and the child. Having a good mother child relationship is important.

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I am pregnant
... and I can hardly wait to start my own Mother-Child relationship.
Abha Sarin 2009-08-11
Practical tips
Nice article .. I am slowly becoming your fan.
Sneha 2009-08-09

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