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Monopoly of Google applications - List of popular Google products

BY: Swati | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2008-10-23

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Google is one one the most respected and one of the biggest companies of the world, it was was co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students at Stanford University. Google began in January 1996 as a research project. The unofficial company slogan is "Don't be evil", even if it has Monopoly of many products and applications. Some of the famous products of Google are:

Google Search:
This is the main product Google is known for, launched in September 15, 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It not only indexes web pages but also PDF, Word document .., plain text files, Excel spreadsheets some SWF files and many more. Google now controls over 60% of total online search market share in USA and over 80% in Britain. (Oct 2008)

Google Maps/Earth:
Not only you can get driving directions from point A to Point B using Google Maps but also get the street view of many locations. Google earth is a desktop application which lets you to view earth as a virtual 3D globe and uses satellite imagery and aerial photography to capture the images.

YouTube Videos:
Google is undoubtedly the leader in online video's. you will find millions of videos uploaded by users. Youtube constantly fights against people uploading copyrighted material of the media, which is currently the biggest controversy surrounding youtube right now.

Google Adsense / Adwords:
When it comes to online advertising, Google is truly the number one player. Many other companies have tried to compete Adsense but no one comes close to Adsense. Adwords is for advertisers and Adsense is for website publishers. Google makes billions of dollars annually from Adsense and Google Search alone.

A social networking service, very popular in India.

Desktop search:
It is a small downloadable application which helps you to index documents, music, e-mails, photos, chats and much more.

Google Images/Picasa:
A great application for photo editing and organization.

Allows you to post to create your own blog ( a mini website) and let users comment on your post.

A competitor of wikipedia, with a difference that you may find different knol (articles) on one topic, each knol is owned by an individual. Individuals can also earn money by displaying Ads on their articles.

A free web based email account - Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol and Gmail are the biggest players in online email accounts.

Google Analytics:
A free tool for webmasters to monitor traffic trends on their website.

A competitor of paypal but not as widely used so far.

A free chat / IM application with plenty of add-on features.

Google Toolbar:
An Internet browser toolbar available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Google Apps:
An online version of the traditional office suites, offers many tools like Microsoft's office suite.

Whenever a GrandCentral number is called, the call is forwarded to a user's personal number. It has many other features too.

A software platform and operating system for mobile devices.

To translate a text from one language to another. You can translate a section of text, or a webpage, into another language.

Other Popular products of Google are Trends, Answers, Reader, Web Accelerator, Bookmarks, sites, Books, Finance, Code, Scholar, Usenet, Scholar,
News and the list just goes on.

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About Author / Additional Info: Just a fan of Google...

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