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Mondex smart card.

BY: anuc | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2010-01-04

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MONDEX smart card was developed by England's national west minister bank in the year 1990. It's a new development which is gonna eliminate the necessity of using currecy or credit cards..

It's very small in size that it's not even more than the size of our rice grain. There is a code for this bio-chip and it's 666. Motorola is the company which is producing these smartcards. The Mondex smart card has the ability to make card-to-card transfers which is not possible with standard credit or debit cards. It is fully auditable. There is a log of the time, date, amount, and participants of each transaction which hampers the privacy of users.

Our total information will be stored in that bio-chip and it will get inserted in our body in the places like FOREHEAD OR RIGHT HAND. Already it is being used by the wealthy in order to prevent kidnapping. The chip contains a lithium battery and it will be charged by the heat producing in our body. Its impossible to detach this chip from our body once if inserted because if we try to detach this card, then the lithium in this chip spreads out and immediately the person dies.

It is an easy electronic way in order to have any transactions instead of carrying money or any debit cards.our prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh and the Motorola company had a dealing in between them to insert these chips in all our Indians. Each one..rich and poor,wealthy and slave, small and great will be inserted these chips into their bodies. Already this is being used in some of the countries like Brazil.

IN REVELATION 13:16,17 VERSES..THERE IS A WORD...he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor,free and slave,to receive a mark on their right hand or forehead and that no one can buy buy or sell except this mark, or the name of this beast or the number of his name ... and we already know that the number of the beast is 666 which is also the code of this bio-chip.

And now friends..this is a very small clue for you inorder to get rid of this and later..it's your wish.

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heart touching
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii anusha ur articles so intresting and enjoying ur so pretty nd looking so nice nd keep it up byeeeeeeeeeeeee
chinni 2010-02-03

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