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Modern generation youth: Inappropriate behaviour in kids and youths

BY: Christine Torcato | Category: Men | Post Date: 2008-09-17

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   Christine Torcato
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The youth of today forms a major section of our society . The modern generation youth wants to enjoy the gift of freedom. He/she basically wants to live a life full of adventures, such as enjoying activities like trekking, bungee jumping etc. Today's youth want to live a life full of excitement and not just of tensions and worries. In other words they want to live energized lives.

It is observed that the youth do face a lot of problems when it comes to an open interaction with their parents. Thus the psychologists recommended that both parents and children need special counselling that will try and bring solutions to their problems.

"Presently the status of the youth is degrading" is the opinion of majority of the elderly people. They have taken to all sorts of temptations such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, and an attempt to commit suicide etc.

"The style of dressing of the youth is turning from bad to worse" is the opinion of some of the priests, nuns, and people in general. They feel that there should be a certain kind of decency in their code of dressing be it at home, college, workplace or the church, temple, mosque and gurudwara.

The major factor which needs to be taken care off in the context of the youth is the ever increasing rate of suicide. Some youths take up to this major evil due to lack of love and affection.

The other factor could be the pressure put by the parents on the children in the matter of studies. To some extent this type of behaviour is agreeable for children who are weak in their studies but not for the excellent students. These children who are excellent in their studies go through depression and hence take upto suicide.

So therefore my only plea is to please let the youth lead their carefree lives to a certain extent cause they can brighten our future and help let us live a better tommorow. The youth are the one's who can break or make our society. By this I mean it is the youth who can implement the laws and make the required changes to bring about a progress in our society. And thus look at the advantages side of it and then decide whether being too strict with the youth is good or not. It's all upto you dear parents to secure your child's future in your hands.

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