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Michael Jackson: The music legend of the era

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-07-19

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   Muhammed Haris
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Michael Jackson's death is an irreversible loss to the music world. He brought a revolution to pop music. He made the world of pop music and dance to co-ordinate in a super natural way. His music and dance were so powerful that it made the world swing with him. Audience use to go crazy in his live shows. It had been proved that, each of his performances had very much hard work and dedicated effort in it. He used to even make his team perform greatly in all his shows. There was a great combination of creativity and performance in all his shows.

When we see the rehearsals he had done just few days before his death, one cannot just believe that he is dead. Pop music was just loud music and singing for it was easy for him, he was born for the world of pop. Many times, people were not able to grasp the lines of the lyrics. But the power of super natural vocal cords of Michael Jackson has brought a revolution in pop music world. Along with the ear crashing music, his voice dominated the music. Even in the mouth of children, one would find the songs of Michael Jackson being sung clearly.

Michael Jackson has gained Millions of fans across the world. Many people try to imitate Michel Jackson. But nobody can reach his level. In the short span of life that he lived he has left behind immense talent and some wonderful music. Michel Jackson's name will always be at the top in the world of pop.

After Michael Jackson's death, his fans are rushing to music shops, to get the collections of all his music. People understand that there will not be even a single match to Michael Jackson in the music world. By just listening to his music one can forget the fact that Michael Jackson is no more. I join with all the fans of Michel Jackson to say, hats off, for the music legend of the era.

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