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Methods of earning a passive income

BY: Deena David | Category: Work From Home | Post Date: 2010-02-10

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   Deena David
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A person who is an investor or has a corpus of funds has the highest chance to earn a passive income. This is because the person is able to invest money in various funds and this earns a passive income for the person. There are many kinds of investment options that are available for a person who wants to invest a sizeable amount of money. In fact there are so many methods if one takes online methods of earning a passive income is taken into account.

There are some very good offline methods for the traditional people who are not used to the various methods of earning money online. It has to be understood though that online methods are the best methods of earning passive income and also the online passive income is a larger amount than a offline method.

The various methods of earning passive income without the use of computers are:

1. Interest earnings:

A person who has been earning a lot of money in a company or any other business or job for a considerable period of time and has a huge amount of money can use this money to invest it in various options. A fixed deposit also called as term deposits in many places has a steady or regular income. This interest is a passive income that is earned by many people. In fact some people use the interest they earn to live on. The only drawback in this method of earning is that the person has to have a huge amount as bank balance to earn a considerable amount.

2. Dividend earnings:

There are many equities that have a large amount of money given out each year as dividend. This is one of the better methods of earning an income. Many companies do not give out dividends to their share holders. There are some companies that usually reward the shareholders for their loyalty, but they also have capital growth potential. The person who wants to earn a passive income can buy shares from these companies and they can live on the money that they get as a dividend payout. The advantage of this is that there is dividend payment as well as capital growth. The disadvantage in this method of passive income is that one cannot be sure if the company will pay a dividend in a particular year and even if a dividend is paid, how much the dividend will be.

3. Rents from real estate:

Another important method of a passive income that is not earned with the computer is the real estate business. There are many kinds of real estate establishments that are given out for either a lease for a term or given for rent on a monthly basis. In these investments, the investor invests in the real estate and there is a monthly return on the investment and the person gets regular returns each month. This is one of the least risky methods of passive income. The person earns money as well as there is a property that the person owns.

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