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Media tries to create unnecessary sensation and exaggerate incidents.

BY: Guest | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2009-09-15

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Media entities (TV, Newspapers and Radio) were initially created with the intention of creating unbiased awareness in the society. I am not sure if I can say the same today. Media professionals these days try to exaggerate incidents and stories unnecessarily. They try to create sensation among the listeners even if it deviates from core topic, often leaving them in confusion or suspicion. Every now and then we hear of incidents when media unnecessarily torchered people so that they can entertain their viewers by making a great story out of it. Every news channel tries to focus on stories which will generate interest among viewers instead of covering true informational subjects or social issues which might be more beneficial for the country.

Famous personalities (like Actors, Ministers, Cricketers) no longer have a personal life. They are constantly chased by media persons called paparazzi's who invade their private lives to an extent that it gets very hard to tolerate. Even though media is and will always remain the best source of information, due to misconduct and unprofessional attitude of many reporters media has become an entity which is diluted with lot of misinformation. It has become more entertaining than informational.

Not much can be done against media representatives because if anyone tries to stop them, they make a story even out that incident. Several political leaders now own media stations which is then used to present biased stories good for their own political career. I really have a hard time figuring out the extent of truth when a sensational story is reported by the media.

One of the reason why media sources try to coat stories with exaggeration and sensation is because of heavy competition among different media groups. A simple story or a social issue might be boring but might carry more importance.

If media reports a story against an individual or an organization, there is little they can do about it because in order to present their side of the story they will have to use the same Media again. Additionally people tend to believe Media as an unbiased source of information, and they blindly believe in it.

There is a needs to be a system where each reporter or a media person is rated based on their truthfulness only. I feel by exaggerating incidents or by creating unnecessary media sensation, these channels create more harm than good.

By: A Common Man

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only partially right
what media does is beyond anybodys capability... Collecting, and compiling reports of any developements in any corner of the world within minutes just to keep the mass aware... every profession has a bad side
Abhirup Bhunia 2009-09-15

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