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Marry a working wife. Should a wife stay at home or work (do job)

BY: Bharat | Category: Family | Post Date: 2008-08-06

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Women have been doing jobs and earning money for their family for centuries, only in the last few decades we have seen a high increase in the percentage of working women in the society. Present day women are bold, well educated and many of them are doing very well in their job. A growing trend clearly reveals that men who are doing a job themself especially in bigger cities, look for a working women and not a Stay-at-home housewife when it comes to selecting a bride for marriage. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a working wife.

The traditional norm in most cultures has been that the male ( husband or head of household) goes out to work and the wife stays at home. While the husband primarily took care of the earning money, wife managed the house activities like cooking, taking care of children and the overall management of the home. This trend continued in most western countries (like United Stated and Britain) till the 1970's, after which women actively started to join the main work force more aggressively. In most developing countries like India and China the concept of stay-at-home wives has also shifted more towards a working wife as well.

On the other hand, Individuals who own their own businesses are not that much keen to marry a working wife, they can have odd hours of work and normally prefer their wives to take the full responsibility of home.

There were several reasons why more and more women have started to work:

1. Good education: More women pursue good education in the fields which carry a great professional weightage. More women are realizing that since they studied hard to get their bachelors and masters degree, there is no point sitting at home and if an opportunity is available they prefer to work than sit at home instead of watching serials, soap operas or talking about other issues with their friends.

2. Westernisation of society: People have become more open with the idea of working women and if a women works it is no longer considered a social stigma. Parents are very open minded about sending their daughters for higher studies.

3. More Work Opportunities: Countries like India have seen a huge uplift in their economy and girls have a great prospect working for companies like call centers, software, chemical, articecture and Bio tech.

1. More money, more purchasing power and better savings (Huge benefit).
2. A working wife is obviously more satisfied career-wise instead is just doing house related work.
3. Better job security - if either husband or wife loses the job then other person can keep the family moving.
4. Women have more freedom to make independent financial choices.
5. A more equal relationship.
6. Your wife ( and you) get to meet more people.
7. A working wife is often more valued by friends and relatives ( likely considered more intelligent).

1. Kids get less parental time and attention. Problems with finding good child care and issues when kids get sick and one of you has to stay at home. Similarly if you have elderly parents they do not get a personalized care of a daughter-in-law as much they would have gotten otherwise.
2. If both husband and wife are self dependent it can sometimes lead to more ego clashes as both may claim financial independence now.
3. Less time for one another, by evening when both husband and wife come back, both are tired.
4. Many house-hold activities can pile up for the weekends.
5. No extensive lunch or dinner menu's. Husband will have to help his wife in some house hold work regardless he likes it or not.
6. You probably need to bear the expense of an extra vehicle.
7. Wife has less time for domestic duties.
8. Less stress ( not always true).

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