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Marching towards a better future

BY: books_freek | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-08-09

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"A better future" here refers to a much an improvised and a changed future for us, for our country and this world. Besides working towards a better future for ourselves we should also learn to work towards a better tomorrow for the people around us.

Education my friend is very important, because as an educated you will lead to an educated country. Don't we all want our nation to be among the developed and the powerful countries?

The future of our country lies in our hands; yes you read it right, we are the youth and our countries future lays in this present generation. They can create a better future for us.

Now moving on to a "better ourselves-, I truly believe that by changing ourselves we can change the rest of the world, we can change the thoughts of millions of people around. But that change in us is what makes us step back.

Why are we so indifferent to all the crimes taking place around? Why aren't we the least bothered to wake up for the benefit of the people for the benefit of our country and the benefit of this world?

Everyday we watch millions of people losing their lives owing to terrorism. There is so much of blood-shed, yet all we do is sit back and watch the whole thing going around us. Why don't we have the will power, the grit and the self-confidence to wake up to the truth and fight the crimes? Why do we feel that there is nothing to be done, when there are loads of things to be done to improvise the present condition?

The change in the present condition can be felt only when there is a change in the thought of the people. We have been given the freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of thought, but do we really utilize them?

The answers to all these questions lie within us. Give a thought to my questions and surely you will find the answers hidden within yourselves. Now everyday there is so much of deterioration in the nature, there is so much of pollution, extinction of biological resources, exploitation of natural resources etc yet we do nothing to stop them. If this continues to be the condition then where will we end in another 20-30 years? How do you expect the earth to survive when it's losing all its natural resources?

We are losing the most valuable gift given to us by god, -the nature and its spell-bounding beauty-. But we don't seem to realize it. Yes, I agree that there are many NGO's such as -go green-, -save wildlife-,etc., fighting for the noble cause of saving our earth. But is that enough? Is'nt it even our responsibility to replace the lost ones and preserve the remaining ones?

I confidently say that we have been bestowed upon by the nature with enough power to bring out the good in ourselves which in turn will bring to everyone and everything around us. A better future means preserving nature too.

I trust my friends that the scope of improvement lies within ourselves.Go deep into your hearts and ask yourselves,don't u all wish for a changed and a much improvised future? Yes,everyone wishes for it. Then why don't we make an effort to work towards it? Why? Are we so lazy or stubborn? Do we lack the self-confidence? No,I don't think so.

Do we lack the ability? Not at all. The answer, people, is the fact that w lack the love and the respect for the people around us,for our nation and for this world. Yes,it is true.

Now moving on with a more optimistic outlook,-Better late than never-,yes you got me right.We still have some of the precious time left to build our future and improvise the future of our this world by taking some initiative steps to fight corruption,terrorism etc.,The clock is ticking and the time is running we cannot cease the time but yes we can learn to walk along with it.

Wake up my friends,wake up! Lets all join our hands and say -Yes we can and we will do it-. Lets march towards a better future for ourselves.

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