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Manthralayam Sri Guru Raghavendra - Madhva matha. Kurnool, India.

BY: JNLakshmi | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-09-17

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I start this by true salutations to Sri Raghavendra Swami. Manthralayam is a holy place where saint Sri Raghavendra attained jeeva samadhi. It is in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh in South India. This place is on the bank of river Tungabhadra. It is the most important temple to be visited by pilgrims to get the healing touch of the Lord. People from all walks of life go to worship this miracle place Manthralaya so to seek his Divine blessings. Guru Raghavendra never misses to bless the people who thinks of him in their troubles and happiness. He is disciple of Sri Moola Rama and Pancha mukha Anjaneya.

Raghavendra Swami is one of the powerful saints in Hinduism. He is known for his merciful, divine who always lends out a helping hand and blessings to the people in trouble, irrespective of caste and creed. He advocated Vaishnavism (worship of Lord Vishnu as the supreme God) and the Dvaita philosophy. Sri Guru Raghavendra, also called affectionately as Rayaru or Guru Raja lived in 17th century is one of the supreme deity worshiped by many. Rayaru is the Holy Saint who preached Madhva matha principles. He preached the Truth (sathya) and Dharma which is the base and pillar of the Hindu mythology.

Guru Rayaru, was born as a third son to Thimmanna Bhatta and Gopamba in Kaveripattanam. His original name is Venkatanatha. Rayaru was exceptionally brilliant and skilled musician. He was endowned with intelligence and was a veena scholar. He studied Dvitha vedantha and written several books bearing the teaching of Dvitha philosophy. Later, after his marriage to Saraswathi, he moved to Kumbakonam (a place in south India) and continued his learning of grammer and shastra's of Dvitha under his guru Sudhindratheertha. Venkatanatha and Saraswathi were blessed with boy named LakshmiNarayana. Though Venkatanatha was stuck in utter poverty, he did teach vedic lessons and veena classes for free and did not demand anything in return. He just took whatever was offered to him. Meanwhile, his guru Sudhindrathirtha was looking out for a suitable successor to hand over the responsibilities of matha. There was an indication in his dream that Venkatanatha would be the right person. When he told Venkatanatha about this, it was so difficult for him to decide between his Guru's words and his responsibility as a family person. But then, Goddess Lakshmi, appeared in his dream and said that he has to dedicate himself to Hari and Vayu as his destiny. Only then, Venkatanatha took sanyasa and became the Pitathipathy. Since then, he is known as Raghavendrathirtha.

He continued his preachings all his knowledge of Madhwacharya and Dvaitha to rest of the world. He went on pilgrimages to Tirupati, Srisailam, Kumbakonam, Kanchi and several other places around India. He has written several works on Tattvavada philosophy. His disciples are the followers of Madhva matha.

Siddhi Masud Khan the Navab of Adoni (a city in Andra pradesh) after seeing the supernatural powers of Swami, gave the land Maanchala to Swami. This is now known as Mantralayam. It is this place where bhaktha Prahaladha, incarnation of Raghavendra swamy and a the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu in Narashima avatara, did his yagna. It is at this place shri Raghavendra swami attained his samadhi 300 years ago. It is beleived that Raghavendra Swamy had very subtly revealed that although he would be physically present and he would be among his devotees for 700 years blessing them in every way. Hence Swamiji is known as a ‘living saint'.

On krishna paksha dvitiya day (second Thursday) in the month of sravana, Swămiji entered Brindhavana in Mantralaya and sat in a meditative pose. He was doing Japa with his mala. When he stopped his prayer, the disciple placed the 1200 th Lakshminarayana saligrams in a bronze container and Mruthike on his head and covered him fully and thus Swamiji entered Brindhavana. It is this day which is observed as Maha samaradhana day. The black rock using which the Brindhavana is built is rock on which Lord Sri Rama rested, when he came searching for Sita devi.

This religious place is located 240Kms from hydrabad. Nearest rail station is Mantralayam road. Other Brindhavans around the temple are Manchalamma Temple,Panchamukhi Anjaneya swami temple. It is a custom belief that before visiting Moola Brindhavala of Sri Raghavendra swami, devotees must worship Manchalamma temple to fullfill their purpose of visit. A large number of followers and devotees of all religious sects throng this place all through the year. Swamiji was born on thursday. So every thursday, there will be special poojas and mangalarathi in the Brindhavans all over and people do fasting. The devotees are blessed with Theertha prasadha and manthrashaka.

Devotees of Sri Raghavendra pray to him with the following mantra:

pujyaya raghavendraya
satya dharma rataya ca
bhajatam kalpavrikshaya
namatam kamadhenave

Sri Guru Raghavendraya namahe!

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: JNLakshmi

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great job
i read this article abt rayar..greeat job.
vinoth 2009-06-02

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