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Make Your Bathroom Complete With Bidet Seat

BY: smartlotta | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2010-01-09

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Just because you find bidet toilet seats just about everywhere it certainly doesn't mean that they are new. The first bidet seat was developed in France about 200 years ago and was made of wood. Early personal bidets failed to catch the fancy of people. Exorbitantly expensive, this tank less personal bidets were not only difficult to install but also demanded a lot of extra space in the bathroom. No wonder, not many people used them at that time.

It was only around 1980 that a Japanese company named Toto started manufacturing and selling bidet toilet seats. Launched under the brand name Wash let, these bathroom bidets were very useful for getting yourself cleaned and took very little space in the bathroom. However, the outstanding feature of these modern bathroom bidets was that you did not need to get off the toilet to use them.
Modern age Wash let is installed on the toilet replacing the seat and lid. Unlike old bidet seats, you don't need to dry yourself after using it. As most people are unable to comprehend its working, bidet seats are not popular in many countries. But the fact remains that bidet toilet seats are convenient to install and make you feel so fresh and clean after using that you are likely to throw away toilet paper roll once you install it in your bathroom. Learn more about bidet seats at www.smartlotta.com.

Creating a buzz in the market these days are electronic bidets which offer numerous novel facilities. If you live in cold climate, the facility to adjust temperature can be a great relief to you. Along with temperature, you can also adjust the pressure of the water. On pressing the button, water nozzles come out and after cleaning you go into a cleaning cycle. This makes sure that proper hygiene is maintained. If you thought that bidet toilet seats just make your bathroom look fantastic, visiting www.smartlotta.com will tell you how useful and convenient they are besides being so much fun to use.
To check out the latest toilet bidets, please visit: www.smartlotta.com

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About Author / Additional Info: For more information on bathroom bidets, bidet toilet seats, bidet seat, personal bidets, visit www.smartlotta.com.

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