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BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-07-18

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   Muhammed Haris
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I had participated in a NSS (National Social Service) camp in the year 2003, when I was studying in first year B.com. That was a nice experience to open up my mind towards social service. We were about 80 people in my team that participated in this camp. We had been given the task of expanding a playground of a school in a village which was in a very remote area of india. That village was listed as one of the two most remote areas of Mangalore district. We went there and made all the arrangement for cooking and utilities. We planned to stay in the school itself. Girls were staying in a home of a student of our college. The camp was for ten days.

I thought it is just about doing some work to help the society. But the schedule we had was wonderful. We used to wake up at 5 O'clock. At 6 O'clock we had the flag hoisting. A resource person used to visit the camp to hoist the flag and to give a motivational speech to us. After that, we were being guided by a physical director about doing physical exercise. We used to do the exercises along with him. After that, we used to have bed tea, and then we use to start our social work of expanding the playground. We used to work till afternoon 2 O'clock. In between we used to take a break twice to have food. After that we used to take a bath and we used to have many cultural programs.

We were given a topic of creating awareness about HIV\AIDS. We had to create the dramas, skits, speeches, slogans, cartoons and speeches to create the awareness about HIV\AIDS, among the village people. There were resource persons, to guide on those things. We had really great times, in creating dramas, skits, speeches, slogans, cartoons and speeches to create the awareness about HIV\AIDS. We had learnt a lot of things about HIV\AIDS by discussing with the team and with the resource persons. It had even brought the open mindedness to discuss about the sexual practice of the people.

Our team had arranged many public shows about the awareness of HIV\AIDS. With the opinion of the villagers, we came to know that, those shows were very effective and informative to the village people. On the tenth day it was very painful time of saying good bye to the village people, who had came very close to us.

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