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MLM help and tips to maximise your Online Success

BY: James Hicks | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2010-02-06

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   James Hicks
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That really annoys me when I hear of folks signing up to an mlm and the upline is never heard from again and no help is available, it gives the industry a bad name this can end up with a new distributor not knowing what to do and therefore cannot get things off the ground so they end up quitting.

Anyway I wanted to talk today about mlm help, as I believe that in traditional mlm it's quite severely lacking, often the traditional training and help offered by uplines is pretty standard, such as drawing up a list of prospects, talking to friends and family, strangers, cold calling etc... You know the score with that I'm sure! Your success using these traditional methods is likely to be limited as you will quickly run out of leads.

Often I get people asking me if they should be making use of the internet to develop their mlm , I will always answer with a definite yes. Don't lose sign of the fact though that mlm requires a lot of people contact. There seems to be a misconception among many that you just get yourself a webpage and then don't have to have personal contact with anyone and the cash will pour in, the truth is that is not going to happen, ever! If you are someone that does not like talking to people then mlm is not for you. Period. It's important that yourself and your team are ready to foster relationships with other folks and provide help and support. So how can we do this online?

The best mlm help I like to offer people is to consider the internet as a tool for reaching people from all over the world. Using the internet you are able to contact far more folks than you ever could using traditional methods. You do this using the written word, emails, audios and videos, these are great ways to build relationships and trust with people on your list. This may or may not be news to you but people will join your mlm because of YOU, yes that is correct, they choose to join your team as they will see you as an expert in the field and as someone they can trust. A lot of people these days are very wary about any sort of online business probably because of all the scams that have been and gone. Your job is to help break down that skepticism and how do you do that? Just be YOU and build relationships!

It surprises me how many folks believe that by marketing their business on the internet prosperity is a certainty and that it's just simply a case of spamming the social networks and search engines with a load of promotion hype or company replicated website. These are the people who have got it wrong! Let them be, there is a lot of marketing babble around, it is easy for us to be different by building relationships based on trust and giving value

If giving mlm help to people one thing I impress on them is to make sure that the marketing follow up strategies they use are effective. Make sure that there is as much of your personal spin on your follow up process as possible, have plenty of videos and audios so that folks get plenty of opportunity to find out who they will be working with if they sign up. There is plenty more mlm help that I would like to offer you but I can't do it all in one article.

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