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Looks who's making India read like never before

BY: Abhi | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2010-02-14

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With the completion of 2 states, I made it a point to make sure nobody can deny my claim that I'm a Chetan Bhagat loyalist. Once five point someone hit the stores, little did anybody guess that the most pertinent and the highest grossing novelist is in the making. Brushing aside the 3 Idiots controversy and deliberately keeping away from praising Chetan, the author, lets analyze 2 states in the backdrop of five point someone, 3 mistakes of my life and one night @ the call center.

The story for the first time gets going to the next age level. The journey - from graduates in IIT to PG in IIM and serious bank jobs to marriage - has been fascinating. Keeping at bay his second and third novel, 3 mistakes of my life and one night @ the call center non-respectively, intelligent readers can make out that the author has skillfully connected his first and last novel, five point someone and 2 states. ‘The highest selling novelist in Indian history', as New York Times said, has actually inscribed and narrated his own life starting from IIT. Obviously certain changes were made, although what change is to be really considered one has become a cynical and ambivalent question after the 3 idiots row. The epilogue of 2 states will reinstate the theory - how adroit is the link - Chetan Bhagat has literally put pen on paper to print a day of his life. Let us see how.

His real life: He is married to Anusha Bhagat, In 2 states : He is married to Ananya Swaminathan (name changed, first two alphabets and the last alphabet of the first name remains same). His real life: He has been rejected by several publishers for his first book, five point someone, In 2 states: Exactly the same (what really happened to him is on paper as part of the novel) His real life: He is a father of twins (Shyam and Ishaan), In 2 states: Exactly the same. What he does is unmatched - he connects the time he started life as a writer with the end of the book 2 states. Hence a witty and well turned-out effort of penning his real life starting from IIT to IIM to marriage to twins has resulted in a change in the literary scene of India and made India read intensely.

Thus Chetan Bhagat looks to be the novelist who earns honor, money, fame and spotlight only by describing his life (with a wee of changes).
But not all authors have the ability to do this with the amount of alacrity and dexterity as Chetan Bhagat. His way of writing sees a dimensional change where colloquialism is the foremost feature. Also, his droll, wit and chic style makes him what he is.

Visit him at chetanbhagat.com

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