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Live Positive Live Happy.

BY: Priyanka Hote | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-12-09

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   Priyanka Hote
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You have always heard people around many a times pretending around to be very positive and affirmatives in their life. They have the typical looks on heir faces as if the world is on their feet because of their positivism.

Its like "They care for every thing around and worry for nothing". It has become like a contagious disease which spreads like fire.

But again the question arises "Are they really The Positive?".

Positive Energy basically allows you to attract all your creamy desires in life and helps u to achieve your goals.

How does the Positive energy affects in life ?? According to The Laws of Attraction:
We constantly transmit positive and negative energy in the nature. Nature, here, picks up the positive energy and gets attracted by us or picks up our negative energy and gets repelled by us. The Secret of Rhonda Byrne states the "Like attracts Like".

Positive energy can help you achieve your goals.

Then, how will you know you are emitting positive or negative energy?
Look around and observe whether the people around you are giving you the same response as per you expectation or its gong the either way round.

Here are some ways to create Positivism around you.

Meditation: This is the most easiest way to allow to enter positivism in your life. Just by meditating even 10 minutes daily can change you life for a huge betterment and success.

Sleep: Sleep has become the major issue in today's materialistic world. But a good sleep of 8 hours suggested by any doctor is essential for good life. Sleeping early and getting up early can make your mind -body-soul fresh.

Exercise Here we are many a times lazy for putting exercise in our daily routine, including me. But it eventually helps in increasing positive energy around and increases concentration of the body.

No to T.V Here comes the difficult of all. We all love to vegetate in front of T.V long. But continue watching T.V for long just stop the brain functioning in the regular patter and just drain us a lot,. Thus reducing the energy for other activities.

Books our true Friendz: Books Books Books!!!
They change our life. Start reading books that suits our personality, that clicks you, which will gradually capture your mind they you can see that your intrest,then move on to the other genre of books and style and world has already widened.

Energizing music: Listen to music that not only has soothing melody but but an uplifting message with the positive energy and thus developing positive self talk. Music changes our state of mind thus helping to change the prior thinking for long time. It just takes us in completely different world.!

Positive company: Postive people around plays an vital role in positive self development and helps you to generate positive energy within you.If you try to be around positive people your groeth rate will increase tremendously. So now check it out for your self.


These are some simple and quick ways from which you can allow positivism to enter into your life in daily basis.

Live Positive Live Happy. !!

Priyanka Hote

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: About Author: Author Priyanka, besides being IT professional, loves to articulate on every genre. She is the SPIRITUAL follower and Loves PEACE.

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Nice Articles
Really this is nice articles. Have u written any articles on small children? Do U know? Mr. Ashok Davda, He working on Aura Photography. May it`s useful for u. the topic u have used in articles.
Rakesh H. 2010-01-25
Nice work ..
Hey girl, thanks for the tips. Nice article ans equally nice photo in your profile.
Aditya 2009-12-10

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