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Life span of a cat: How long do cats live and various important factors

BY: Deena David | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2009-11-16

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   Deena David
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There are many people who have cats as pets. In fact after dogs, cats are the most commonly domesticated animals that are kept at homes. The cats are very docile animals and are loved by almost all people. These animals have a very uncanny ability to escape from various dangers that they face and this is the reason for them to be considered to have nine lives. The proverb is based on the fact that they can escape many dangers.

Though the proverb talks of a long life for cats, it is not true in reality. This is because the cats can live for a very short time. The normal life span of a cat can be anywhere between 15 to 20 years if they are quite healthy. When the cat is quite sick, then the life span can reduce drastically. In some cats which are extraordinarily healthy, the life span can be even more than 20 years. In fact the longest living cat has been said to have lived for about 28 years.

There are various factors that decide on the life span of the cat. These factors are listed in this article:

1. The health of the cat:

The health of the cat is the most important factor on which the life span of the cat depends. The cat can live for a longer time if it is healthy and fit. To increase he life span, the person who is the cat's owner should exercise the cat adequately so that the cat can have a longer life. There are many cats that can be born with various disabilities and these cats will have a very short life because of their problems.

2. The longevity of the species:

Certain species of cats can have a long life because of the genes that are present. If a person has a cat that usually has a long life, then the cat can also have a long life.

3. The location of the cat:

The other most important factor that also plays a major role in the life span of the cat is the actual; geographic location of the cat. This is because of the climate of the area in which the cat is living can also play a role in the longevity of the cat.

4. The environment of the cat:

Another important fact that determines the life span of the cat is the environment in which the cat is living. Some cats live in areas that are accident prone where the traffic may be too high for the safety of the cat. The environment can also cause diseases in the cat and this can be another important reason for the reduction in the life span of the cat.

These are some of the various important factors that play a major role in the life span of a cat. There can be various other factors too that play a role and they should also be considered when one decides on how long a cat will live.

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