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Life of a woman after divorce

BY: Jessica | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-09-16

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Life after divorce can be extremely tricky, stressful and very hard especially for a woman. Almost half of all married women are home makers or stay at home moms. They do not have a reliable source of income from a job like most men, therefore after divorce managing finances can be the most tricky question. In some countries women qualify for alimony but only after a long court battle. Additionally women are more emotional then men and the shock of divorce certainly echos longer in the life of a woman.

Usually a woman agrees for a divorce after her life really becomes miserable due to reasons like physical abuse, emotional abuse, cheating and incompatibility. In this article I will discuss some important things all married women should know before going ahead with divorce and decide if they are really prepared for it or not.

• You might temporarily feel better after separation but there are lot of UNEXPECTED ISSUES which a divorced women faces in the society. She might suddenly feel unwanted by many friends and relatives, people who you thought were most dependable in harsh times may not be so trustworthy after all.

• Make sure that you fully understand the FINANCIAL ASPECTS after divorce. Will you get an alimony, government help or are you qualified enough to get a job by yourself (Best case scenario !). Is the job market currently favorable for the kind of work you are willing to do. If you plan to go to college for further studies, are there enough resources available. In most cases the judge will allow the custody of children with the mother, do you have enough finances to support your kids.

• Be prepared, it is very hard to find new men in life for a women who has a 'DIVORCED' tag. It becomes even more difficult if you have kids. Most men avoid dating a women who might have a distressed past. You might land up in a bigger compromised relationship than you have now.

• Divorce comes with a very high level of STRESS and it is hard to deal all by yourself. Make sure you have family or friends who can provide emotional support to you. You might even need professional help for the same. Many women lose their mental balance (atleast temporarily) without a proper support.

• Your AGE matters a lot, most women who are young and have been married for a shorter period of time are able to better cope with the divorce than the ones who are in mid-age or have been in a relationship for more than 5 to 10 years.

• Do not try to overcome your stress by taking alcohol, drugs or smoking.

• Yes, you will eventually need a man in life. Women who think that they can live rest of their life with cats of girl friends are usually wrong.

• Start an interesting hobby to avoid thinking about your bad past. A hobby that will eventually pay you might be a great idea of all. When a women is SELF-DEPENDENT she will realize that there is no reason for her to put up with things which she did in her previous relationship. After divorce, it is extremely important for a woman to become self-reliant.

• Have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE after divorce, Do not think yourself to be a half couple but someone who is single again.

• After divorce, accept that your RELATIONSHIP IS OVER and do not try to over think about it. Most women keep thinking that if they had done things differently may be they would have not gone through the divorce. Learn to MOVE-ON in life. DO NOT LIVE IN YOUR PAST, try to look into your future.

• Find new friends since you probably have some free time and more independence.

Life can be tough for a women who gets divorced without proper planning, make sure you are not the one.

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