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Learn to move on - Overcome a broken heart after a break up

BY: Deepz | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2008-10-14

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Megha woke up in the morning and checked her mobile. She hasn't got any new messages. She drew herself close and cried again just like yesterday. Everyday Sanket would send a love message to her. Now that they broke up. She can't expect a message from him But, she still dwells in the old memories making her mornings miserable with a broken heart!

We often come across the situations where we do not have anything to cling on but continue to do so. Just because we got use to particular routine. We got use to particular face and habits! The habit gradually turns into necessity. The more we pretend, the more we slip into nothingness thus effecting the mental and physical stability in long run. Rather than sulking in the void and losing hope.It is better to move on with life. It may be hard initially or look impossible.Nothing in life is permanent and impossible!

Many people pretend to be still in a relationship. It is just there illusion and they want to live in the illusion as the truth is bitter and do not want to face it!End up making fool of themselves. How long could anyone hold on the things that are shattered? Not for too long,before it is too late, get hold of your emotions and learn to move on!

First of all, accept the truth, face it boldly. Say aloud to yourself, "yes!it is over forever!"

Run to your best friend and cry to your hearts content.Let the pain drain completely.Tears help.Do not suppress them,it may lead to depression.

If you can't resist calling him up then give away your mobile phone to someone for few day.

If you are working or studying at the same place. Minimise the situations you have to face him.

Take a walk in the evenings or mornings in the fresh air.

Move in bunch,you will feel safer and never be alone.

Involve yourself with some work or cultivate a new hobby or rejoice an old one.You will be amazed at trying new things.

If you wanted to go to a particular place and couldn't make it due to work.This is the right time.Take your best pal and spend an evening with her.

Make new friends. But,do not make the same mistakes!

Watch a light hearted comedy movie or read a book!

Be with the friends who can make you happy and make you feel wanted.

Throw a party for the kids in your neighbourhood and you will discover new you with their innocent faces and questions!

Start writing a diary,not down your progress. You will be surprised to notice the changes in you!

If the relationship doesn't work,it is not your fault neither his.It is just that you were not meant for each other.

Remember,he is not the last man on the earth!

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