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Learn the methods of potty training a child

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Family | Post Date: 2010-01-17

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Potty training the child is one of the most important things that have to be done by the parents. The kids are very naughty when they are young. There are times when some kids wet their pants in the day time just to irritate their parents or just because the parents tell the child not to wet the pants. This makes the potty training very difficult. There are certain things that parents have to remember as they potty train their child.

The various factors that play a role in potty training your child are:
1. The age of the child:

The age of the child is very important. Some children get potty trained at a very young age of about one and a half years or two years, but there are some kids who are potty trained only at the age of about 4 or early in the 5th year. There are various reasons for this delay, but the parents should make sure that they should allow the child to get trained in their own time and not force the child.

2. Fear:

Many children are afraid of the potty. They may tell out their fear of the potty. Some kids may cry when they are taken to the potty. This fear will go only gradually. This should not be forced on the child, but the child should be allowed to take their own time. This will ensure that the child is not put through a stressful period. One method of allowing them to out grow their fear is by making them sit on the potty for small periods of time which is gradually increased. This will make sure that the child has less fear of the potty.

3. Do not punish:

The child should not be punished, if the potty is not used by the child. If the child is punished, then the child gets more stressed and is prone for more mistakes and accidents. To make sure that the child has a relaxed time, the child should be encouraged to use the potty, but should never be forced and never ever be punished as this can be traumatic.

4. Congratulate on using the potty:

the good behavior of using the potty should be appreciated if the child is to reinforce the potty use. Congratulate and appreciate the child on successful use of the potty. This will make sure that the child knows that using the potty is desirable behavior. This in turn makes the child to learn the use of the potty.

5. Reading to the child:

There should be some stories read to the child on the use of potties. The parents can be creative in this or use books that are based on potty training. This will help the child to learn that potty is not smoothing that is abnormal, but the child will learn that it is a normal activity.

These are some of the methods of training your child on the use of potty successfully.

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