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Learn the important reasons for child tooth decay

BY: Deena David | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-10-24

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   Deena David
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We never think that a child can have tooth decay. This is because we always associate tooth decay with middle age and lack of teeth care. Does the child have a chance of tooth decay? The answer is yes! In fact many dentists report an increase in the number of children with tooth decay. There are various reasons for this and every parent should learn the important reasons for child tooth decay.

The tooth decay in children is also called by various other names. These names include -Baby Bottle Tooth Decay- or -Baby Bottle Mouth-. This is because the reason for the decay is due to the consumption of sugary and sweet fluids before sleep. The common and important reasons for child tooth decay are:

1. Food before bed time:

The most common reason for the tooth decay in children is the type of food that the child is fed with just before sleep. The usual practice followed by many parents is to feed the child with either milk or some kind of juice just before the baby sleeps. This can cause various complications including growth of different kinds of bacteria in the mouth of the child. The bacterial growth can cause health problems. The sweet fluids that are taken before sleep can also cause the decay of the tooth.

2. Pacifiers:

Many working parents find the baby a distraction and when the baby starts crying, they just try to make the child stop crying. The most common method used by the parents to make their child stop crying is the use of a pacifier. Some parents go one step further and give the child a pacifier that is dipped in a sugar solution to make the child get its taste buds stimulated. This makes the baby stop crying, but makes the teeth get decayed.

3. Time of feeding the baby:

The common practice followed by many mothers is the feeding of the baby just before the baby sleeps. This practice is followed because the mothers think that if the baby eats just before sleep, the baby will sleep longer without getting hungry and the parents can also sleep without disturbance. The disadvantage in this practice is that the baby can have its teeth decayed sooner because of the growth of bacteria in the mouth of the child. It should be learnt by parents that it is one of the important reasons for child tooth decay.

4. Brushing the teeth of the baby:

Many mother feel that the baby's teeth need not be cleaned till the baby is a few years old, because they think the baby's teeth will have a chance of getting decayed only at an older age, but they should understand that tooth decay can start from very young age. This lack of brushing the teeth at a young age is another reason for child tooth decay.

Parents should learn these important reasons for child tooth decay so that they are able to prevent the tooth from decaying.

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