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Learn how to use the power that you have.

BY: Deena David | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2010-01-24

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   Deena David
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Power makes people crazy, but these are the people who do not know how to use power. Many people who have the power to boss over other people try to take advantage of their power and try to do things that they should not be doing. This makes these people to become power hungry. This is not the method in which the power should be used. Instead, the power should be made to work for us. This will make the person get much more power without needing to work for it.

1. Be humble:

People with power should earn to be humble. All people start from humble beginnings. Except kings and queens, no one is born with the power to rule over others. So a person should think of their beginning and be humbled by it. If a person is not humble, the power will leave that person. So humbleness is very important for a person to have power and also to retain the power.

2. Influence others:

The power that a person has should be able to influence other people to make them better. A person may be bad, but when the person in power is considered to be the role model, then the power should be able to influence the other person and make them into better people.

3. Never seek power:

A person should never seek power. This will make the power to be elusive. All the people in various positions of power, either in the national level, international level or even in your own office will have power and authority over others. The people who stay in power for a long period of time are those who do not actively seek the power, but instead work for the welfare of the others and the power is given to them automatically by the people under them. This is a very important lesson for all those who are already in power and also for those who are seeking power.

4. Use power wisely:

If a person in a position of power, then many people will be influenced by the person either directly or indirectly. Similarly, the people near the person with power will try to influence him, so that they are able to use the power themselves. This should be understood and the person in power should try to use their power wisely and not be influenced by other people.

5. Remember that power is temporary:

Every single person with power should remember that the power they have and the power that has been with them for many years is all temporary. There is a time when they have to leave all their power. This should be remembered at all ties for the person to be a better person in life.

These are the various things that have to be remembered by the person in power. Using the power that is given to them in a wise and effective method will make the person better and also help to give them more power than what they already have.

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