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Learn how to survive when alone in a mountain

BY: Deena David | Category: Nature | Post Date: 2009-12-30

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   Deena David
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Survival skills are very important for all people. This is because many people never think of being in a situation where they might need to survive being stranded alone, but no one knows if and when they will be in such a situation. We keep hearing of various survival stories and all these people who have survived such ordeals never thought that they would be in such situations too. So learning and knowing about survival skills are very important for all people.

Surviving in a mountain area when stranded alone is relatively better when compared to a person being stranded out at sea. There are various reasons for this. One of the main reasons is the number of things available in a mountain area that are not available at sea. Some of the common situations that can make a person get stranded in a mountain are when the person has gone on a hike or a drive and has lost the way. Many people who survive certain accidents also have the chance of being stranded on a mountain. When a person is stranded on a mountain, they would need almost all of the survival skills listed here and every person would benefit knowing about these skills.

1. Do not panic:

Panic is something that will set in unless you are a strong willed person who wants to survive. There have been many people who have not been able to survive being stranded on a mountain, mainly because they have panicked. People who panic are prone to make mistakes and these can cost them their lives.

2. To conserve energy:

The first thing that the person needs to do after trying not to panic is to try to conserve as much energy as possible. This would help them to be able to save their energy for a time when they have to fight for their lives if they come to such a situation. They can conserve energy by walking at a pace that is normal and also comfortable. They should not rush as they are bound to lose their energy and waste the resources of their body.

3. Try to walk near a stream if one comes across one:

The best path towards civilization is usually to walk along a river because there is sure to be someone near a moving water body at least some distance farther away. Walking along a stream has the risk of the person coming across some animal too, but if they are careful, then they might not come across one.

4. Food:

In a terrain where things are not familiar, it is safer not to eat any of the available fruits unless you know they are not poisonous. There are many fruits that are inviting and look familiar, but eating them can cause you to get sick. To avoid this, one would do well to eat only fruits about which they are doubly sure.

5. Fire:

Learning to make a fire from stones will be very useful in all survival. This will help the person to be able to counter the cold and also to cook some food if they are able to lay a trap and capture some small animals or birds that can be used as food to give them much needed energy.

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