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Learn how diabetic foot ulcer can decrease the quality of life

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2009-10-20

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Diabetic foot ulcer is a common problem in people who are suffering from diabetes related nerve damage. The nerve damage in the foot leads to loss of sensation in the foot. When there is a loss of sensation in the foot, it causes the foot to be highly prone for various kinds of damages including ulcer in the foot.

Diabetic foot ulcer is not only a chronic problem, but it can also decrease the quality of life of the person affected by the problem. There are many reasons for this happening. When an individual is not able to have a normal persona, thing automatically change. For those with a diabetic foot ulcer, this is especially true because the activity of the person needs to be restricted or modified if the ulcer has to heal. When the activity is modified, the person's life changes and the quality of life decreases.

The various aspects of life that are affected by diabetic foot ulcer leading to decrease in the quality of life are:

1. Participation restriction:

The person affected by diabetic foot ulcer may not be able to participate in all the social gatherings and activities because of the limitation to their mobility. This limitation in the mobility of the person may not only be due to the treatment and presence of ulcer, but also due to self restriction of participation of the activity by the person who was affected by the disease itself. The participation restriction either imposed by the physician or self imposed will ultimately lead to a decrease in the quality of life.

2. Activity limitation:

The person who is having a diabetic ulcer may not be able to do the daily activities as they are supposed to do because of the presence of the ulcer. This activity limitation may have been prescribed by the physician. This is because diabetic ulcers heal only when they are given adequate rest and weight bearing on the ulcer is stopped. Many off loading measures are present, but avoiding walking on the ulcer is the best method of healing the ulcer. The activity limitation is another important factor in the decrease in quality of life of the person with the diabetic ulcer.

3. Amputation:

Amputation that can occur as a result of the diabetic ulcer is a major deterrent in the activity limitation and participation restriction of people with diabetic ulcers. People are scared of amputations and try to restrict their activities. Though it helps in one way to heal the ulcer, it can also lead to complications because of the fear of amputation. The fear of amputation plays a major role in decreasing the quality of life too.

These are the various factors that play a role in the decrease in the quality of life of a person with a diabetic foot ulcer. The quality of life can be measured with various scaled that have been developed for that purpose. The scales are just measurement tools that show the presence or absence of quality of life.

Appropriate measures have to be designed by the health care team to ensure that the quality of life does not decrease after the person gets a diabetic foot ulcer.

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