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Learn How To Use An Online Article Marketing Strategy To Produce Un-Stoppable Traffic

BY: James Hicks | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2010-02-18

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   James Hicks
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I have had the pleasure recently of meeting an extremely talented person by the name of David Wood. 'if only we all had his skill and talent' we would enjoy so much more success in our mlm business and I am convinced that there is a specific art form to successful recruiting. Like a lot of us David struggled for a long time trying to create his downline using conventional methods. Can I just say at this point to clarify that there is indeed a place for offline mlm marketing in spite of those who say otherwise.

After watching his mlm income fall away to pretty much zero over the course of a year and a half David decided enough was enough and he started researching on the internet for ways he could build his business there. David started internet marketing from an extremely small budget (just a couple hundred bucks), at this point he was literally eating rice from cans and wondering where the next meal was coming from Now 5 months later he is a marketing prodigy, has earned over $100K and generates over eighty leads every day and has now moved to a new home in Costa Rica with a beach outside his front door. The man is indeed a success story. Not a dime was spent on promotion & advertising either. 'Is that really doable?' you might ask.

Content and online article marketing is the method employed by David to drive massive amounts of traffic to his websites and we know what happens when you get lots of targeted traffic, you get lots of leads. If you use these relatively simple techniques it's quite possible to get listed on Google's page 1 for some very highly searched keywords. When David started his ranking on Alexa was non-existent, now his sites are ranked around 30,000, this is a quite remarkable achievement, particularly in just 5 months.

You need to be writing good quality compelling content for this to have maximum effect. Your readers need to get some worth from reading your article and you need to have a strong call to action, take some time to do this properly and you will enjoy a steady flow of visitors to your websites. By doing this you are increasing the number of links back to your webpage's which is going to increase you rankings in the search engines. For maximum results you might want to consider making this a daily strategy. When you have posted your article you then need to distribute it to some of the popular directories to get exposure, it is also worthwhile shooting a video to advertise your article so that you increase exposure. Not many people know about another strategy that you can implement to further increase your exposure ten fold. I will show you more about this at the bottom of this article.

Marketing with articles and content is a low cost method that really works for those on a budget, understand though that it's not totally free It's going to take your time to produce content and then distribute it but it will bring you some excellent results, just check out the results of David Wood. Make sure my friend that your content is unique and is YOURS and not ripped off from someone else. By putting your own spin on things you will get much better results and attract more qualified leads to you. You will have a far more profitable business that way. By the way David Wood got these phenomenal results for 2 websites, not just one!

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About Author / Additional Info: To learn the article marketing secrets please visit www.am.Top-Online-Earners.com

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