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Layoffs in Airline Industry - Aviation sector job losses and future

BY: Swati | Category: Travel | Post Date: 2008-10-15

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Recent Layoffs and Future of Aviation Jobs
The recent layoffs in airlines industry has sent jitters among the youngsters who have decided to pursue career in aviation sector. The recent consolidation of Kingfisher Airlines with Air Deccan and Jet Airways has resulted in thousands of job losses. What does this mean for the candidates hoping to become a pilot, flight attendant (air hostess) or join ground staff operations. Well the answer is not so simple, for now the future looks a bit scary but in a long run as our middle class grows, demand for air travel will grow and there will be a gradual increase in demand of aviation professionals. We clearly know that many airports are expected to open all across India, therefore the demand for these jobs will grow but more gradually rather than explosively as it has been in past.

One of the biggest mistakes these airline did was taking price wars to an extreme, even trying to make their fares comparable to first class fares of Indian Railways. I remember flying 12 years back from Delhi to Bangalore and paying about 8 thousand rupees and Delhi-Bombay was about 4000 Rupees. Even though the cost of living, fuel costs, salaries and inflation has gone up, we have seen air fares on the decline.

Airlines are usually the first to feel the impact of slowing economy because not only people try to save money but even companies try to avoid unnecessary flying-hotel costs where ever they can. We can clearly see the once shining Airline industry taking more cautious steps. Aviation sector have recently been experiencing declining traffic volumes. I sincerely feel that all this will revert as India is basically a growing economy. We may see lesser salary increases per year and likely lesser perks and bonuses.

Consolidation and partnerships also result in creation of less jobs. Recently many first officers were seen to be clocking just 25-30 hours of work per month as against the average of 70 hours a month earlier. Various airports across the country have reported in a dip in air traffic by almost 30%.

Salary of Air Hostess:
The starting monthly salary of an air hostess working in a domestic airlines is about Rs.35, 000 - 45, 000. A senior air hostess can get a salary of Rs. 50,000 - 80,000. Foreign airlines can pay more than Rs. 2 lakhs per month.

Salary of a Airlines Pilot:
The starting monthly salary of a commercial pilot ranges from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 150,000 per month. Experienced pilots earn more than 2 lakhs per month plus benefits. Senior commanders can earn 3,00,000 per month or more.

Government pilots and Air Hostess get less pay than private ones.

Popular trainning institutes
- Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai
- Air Hostess Academy, Delhi
- Asiatic International Aviation Academy, Indore
- New Flight Services (India) Ltd, Indore
- Blue Diamond Aviation, Pune
- Bombay Flying Club, Mumbai
- Delhi Flying Club Ltd
- Livewel Academy
- Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Mumbai

Most people working in aviation sector enjoy benefits which include - contributory provident fund, bonus, concessional air travel, overtime, gratuity and medical facilities.

This article is based on my own personal information and prediction, it is not a research paper. Please use this information for entertainment or reference reasons only.

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