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Layoff feelings: How a person feels after he loses his job

BY: Jessica | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-10-08

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In this greedy corporate world layoffs are common and it can happen to anybody, sometimes by a surprise. This article talks about most common feelings of a person who gets laid off (loses his job).

1. I cannot believe it happened to me.
I was really not expecting this layoff. Why in this world did this layoff had to happen to me? It is hard for me to take my mind away from it. I "Still" cannot believe that I have really been laid off.

2. Why Me !
I was doing a fine job. There are other people who are less qualified and do a much inferior job. They should have lost the job before me, this is not fair. Why did they not think the impact of this layoff in my personal life.

3. I served this company sincerely and honestly for last (X) number of years
I devoted the best time of my life to this company, and this is what I get in return. I really thought that I was in a good position and would have likely continue to work for them for a long time. This company has cheated on me!!

4. I hate my boss now
I really hate my boss, it is not about hard work but also the office politics. My boss is a jerk and so is "that" coworker who must have bitched about me.

5. How am I going to face my family and friends
What am I going to say to my friends and family members. I really hate layoff condolences and I hope they do not talk about it. I want them to treat the same way as they did before my layoff.

6. May be the company will hire me back
Well they did lay me off, but pretty soon they will realize that they will not be able to do work without me. May be my manager/HR will give me a call telling that there is a new position in the company for my or may be my current group will again call me back.

7. I am depressed and angry
I so stressed and depressed that I want to just jump off the cliff. I want to take out my anger on someone. I will really get drunk tonight. Why did I not see this coming.

8. Leave me alone
I need some personal time to get my senses back. I want to cry and shout. I do not want to eat, just go away and leave me alone.

9. I should have taken another job long time back
I want wrong, I should have taken that job which came my way and I did not take. Or, may be I should have applied for another job when the market was hot, or I should have taken a more stable job long time back. I instead of being a victim of a layoff, I should have resigned on their face after getting another job.

10. How will I pay my bills
How will I pay my credit card bill, mortgage payment/rent and how long will my savings last?

11. What next:
Laid off, now what? How soon will I get a new job. Do I need to go back to the school or will I get another job with my current profile.

12. I want to appear normal to others
I want to appear calm as if it does not matter to me.

13. God, are you taking my test?
There is a possibility that God is testing my ability and patience. My be something better is waiting for me in life and this layoff happened for good.

My personal advice for anyone who has been laid off is to move ahead in life and try to quickly find another job as soon as possible. Leave your past behind you.

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About Author / Additional Info: This article discussed about some most common feelings that a person goes through after a layoff.

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