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Laughter, Is it really the best medicine?

BY: Jessica | Category: Entertainment | Post Date: 2009-09-30

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It's a common saying 'Laughter is the best medicine'. In a world full of anxiety and tensions, the most inherent virtue of human beings is to smile and laugh that has been subdued by stress or etiquette. There should be no inhibition to be happy, and make others laugh too.

If I try to remember clearly, why, when, how, where and what did I laugh at for the first time in my life, it is a bit difficult to say, I can just smile at myself. Smile at myself for thinking about such an obvious question which most of the children would also like to laugh at. Smile at myself, for I know to err is human, and we can make silly mistakes and commit blunders too. But it requires the same degree of tolerance to seek pardon for an error as it is for excusing one.

It is not that we are waiting for someone to bungle and we are ready to spank him for that. Just that, with growing years in age the innocence of infancy, the carefree joy of the teens and the dare devilry of the youth is gradually replaced by the stoic reservations of the professionals, the society movers and leaders at work.

There must be some reason why mother nature gave us this boon to deal with issues of great importance with a cool mind without exerting much and without making others toil too.

- Humor is an in born virtue.
- Smiling is a grace one develops from an early age.
- Laughing is a habit picked up with events and time.
- Grinning and other expressions are all manifestations of merry and joy.


Then why are we so hesitant about using this for setting up global standards of good health and vitality?

It is a scientifically established fact that we use more muscles to frown than to smile. It is also well established that laughter keeps a healthy heart. It is the greatest stress buster of our times.

Kids are given bitter medicines with some sweetener. we can convey the most difficult of messages, even to strangers, with a bit of humor and tactfulness, so that when the information is delivered the recipient is neither bewildered nor shocked.

Adversaries can sit on the same table to resolve serious issues with softening of the brows and making fun of the problem areas. Solutions emerge.

Spouses spend most of the time discussing all kinds of things and often end up fighting. There is no substitute to cracking jokes and patching up.

A person with a good sense of humor is accepted everywhere with respect and least suspicion. He is admired for being amicable and can always mediate between the worst of enemies. He is not only keeping calm, but ensuring others are cool too.

A little bit of wit, quick response to sequence, catching the right words at the right time, at the right place for the right person makes a perfect humorist! One need not be a poet, or a comedian, or a wizard.

We all have that little bit of child within us, we curtail our expressions for fear of becoming a fun, but that is the opportunity to be at ease and with confidence, measured and guarded direction, to convey and wait. With repetitions, it comes naturally and if w are not intentionally hurting any feelings, we shall always leave the rest greatly amused and impressed.

Humor and laughter are natural tonics and anti-oxidants. They are not available at the Pharmacists, rather we have to keep manufacturing them and sharing with others. Keeping ourselves jolly and others happy rather reduces the intake of medicines.

We take medicines, when there is threat to our well being, and we cannot do without. Good humor is like nutrition. Laughter is the spirit of life, an inoculation that keeps us immune from so many aging and pathological conditions. WHERE LAUGHTER IS, THEN WHY MEDICINE?

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laugh till the last breath
laughter is a good medicine it is right , till we are not laughted at by others i advice to all laugh forever.
surya 2010-01-26
For me, laughter really is effective for it helps people forget about their problems or other things. But then, it is only effectie for a short period of time. After that, their problems would make them dull again. But still, I love to laugh and I agree that it is the best medicine for all types of problems!
Melea 2009-10-03

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