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BY: Brianna Kim | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-01-16

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   Brianna Kim
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My friend just found out his boyfriend was using drugs. The boyfriend was alcoholic, smoked cigarettes and marijuana too. Secretly he was also into cocaine. Something nobody thought possible.

When they first met, the guy was what I can describe simply as -the perfect boyfriend-. He never did anything thought morally wrong like getting drunk when she was around. He did all things right from placing spoons in their right place in the kitchen to bringing her breakfast in bed.

Few months into their relationship he started showing many signs of weakness meaning that he was not playing his part fairly as a man. In the past he treated my friend so well: taking her to diner, buying her gifts, spending much time with her and was always a call away. Generally speaking, he was the ideal man for her. Suddenly he began making countless trips to his ex-girlfriend's house even at night. When asked -I thought you broke up with her why then do you keep visiting her like you do not care what I might be thinking of you two,- there comes the answer, -we are just friends.-

The story behind the visits to his ex-girlfriend was that she was his partner in using drugs. And I think she is the one who buys the drugs because the guy is miserably broke all the time. The two have come a long way with drugs although no body knows for sure who pulled the other into it.

Unfortunately, my friend was falling in love with this man every single day despite the fact that he stopped treating her like he used to. She could not even see all his bad habits, and she even tolerated every piece of crap he came up with to defend himself as to why he has not called for three days in a row. At some point, my friend turned to be his ATM where he could collect any amount of money he asked for. With the money, he used it to fund his drug purchases.

Personally I could not stand the guy. His habits were wrecking my nerves but who was I to convince my girlfriend to break it off with him when all he saw in him was a -super hero.-

So when the drug thing came up everybody was terrified. The future of my friend was in jeopardy. What if the guy starts pushing her into drugs? It was unfortunate that she was blinded by his love. She could not even see what a terrible person he was turning her to be. She could spend so much time trying to please him at the expense of her happiness. She loved him so much and he knew that.

Yes, she loved him and he loved her back although in a controversial manner. But is love all a woman needs to make her happy even when the man concerned is not good enough?

Some people say, -All I need is a man who loves and respects me. Perfect or not perfect, cheater or no cheater, so long as he can attend to my needs and be there when I need him. I do not care if he is on drugs or alcoholic. He can as well sleep around with other women on condition that I do not see him with them when I am around.-

Is it not time people find out the kind of men or women they decide to fall in love with? Why put yourself through so much drama with the person you thought perfect only to find he has a dirty past trailing him. He could have been a murderer or a member of a gang at some point in time or maybe he still is.

Sometimes it may not seem wise to ask around about someone's reputation before committing yourself to them for fear of collecting false information. On the other hand, it is better to get to know someone first on the one-on-one basis.

Better be careful when choosing who to spend your valuable time with. You might end up nursing a drug addict for the rest of your miserable life with no one to turn to.

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