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BY: Karthik | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-07-18

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Summary: The objective behind this snippet is just a reminder to introspect in to our own selves who're are on a wild goose chase of success, when we could actually taste the fruits of success by doing any task to our fullest satisfaction, by living in day-tight compartments. Satisfaction begets the sense of success! Success is just a metric for our performance, a calibration, a simple standard, and shouldn't be construed as a state of being.

-For a wise man, every day is a new day-- so runs a wise axiom. Any person, who believes he can live his life today well, will be rewarded richly. If a person starts mulling over the past or planning for the future, without any concern for the day in front of him, his day will be doomed. Hence, it is always advisable that we start living in day-tight compartments.

By living in day-tight compartments, you can shut yourselves up from the burden of the feeling about the dead yesterdays and the anxiety about the unborn tomorrows. Today is the finest period, any man can ever be rewarded with. In fact, there is nothing called -today- as such- ‘today is the intercepting point of the two large masses of time events namely ‘yesterday' and ‘tomorrow'.

I am not advocating any philosophy by saying that the ‘today' has to be treated with utmost importance and people should avoid planning for the morrow or should stop mulling over the past events. But the essence of the present can be relished only when it is lived. So to say, present is the invaluable ‘present' that has been gifted to you.

That -Past is a history, future is a mystery and present is the present- has become a much quoted phrase and it does hold a valid point when it comes to corroborate my point of living in day-tight compartments. Therefore, given an opportunity, I would definitely choose to live in the non-extant present.

The only irrevocable instance had passed, the unimaginable moment lies ahead of us and the enjoyable point of time is the present. Therefore, let us not lose the quintessence of life by simply living in the past or by keeping an eye over the future, for nobody can live in the past nor can anybody try to live in the other extreme. Today you are born and today has been created for you. With this mentality, let us look forward for what the day has in store for us and enjoy the thrill it proffers.

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Nice theory .. like it
Live in today .. who knows if I will live tomorrow or not :D
Daniel 2009-07-18

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