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LEARN - Learning the 5 components in the process of communication

BY: JoJustin | Category: Others | Post Date: 2010-02-25

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Communication is an important part of the life of every person. There are different types of communication. There are verbal communication where the person speaks and there is also non verbal communication where the person uses various other things than the language, namely body language and actions to convey a message to another person. Tough there are many types of communications present, there are certain important components in the process of communication that are explained here in this article.

L Listen with empathy to the client's perception of the problem:

The person who is part of the communication process should also be a good listener. Listening is a very important part and that too the person has to listen with empathy for being able to have effective communication. This component is listed first in the process of communication because only when a person listens will the communication process be meaningful and also effective. Listening also forms the most basic need for the communication process to start.

E Explain your perceptions of the problem:

Explanation is also an important aspect of any communication process. This is because only when the explanation of the problems is done will the person be able to understand the problems completely. Communication in many situations is a process of explanation of a person's thoughts or ideas to another person. This is another important component of the process of communication.

A Acknowledge:

Acknowledgment is another component of communication. There is a verbal or non verbal communication between two people only when there is an acknowledgment of the presence of the other person. If the other person is not recognized at all, there will be no meaningful communication. This can be seen when there are two people travelling by train next to each other. They read the news paper and ignore the presence of the other person. In this situation, there is no acknowledgment of the person who is sitting nearby and so there is no communication between the two people.

R Recommend :

Recommendation is another important aspect of any communication process. There are various kinds of recommendations that are done by one person regarding another person. These recommendations help one to be able to overcome problems. There are many instances where there is recommendation occurring.

N Negotiate agreement:

Communication is a process of negotiation in most situations. There is a negotiation between mother and child, there could be a negotiation between a patient and the physician, there could also be a negotiation between the boss and the employee. This makes one to understand that the process of communication is filled with negotiations in various forms. This makes negotiations to form a very important component of the process of communication.

These are the various components of communication. There are also a few other components, but these form the basic components and almost all the communication that is happening all around us can be grouped into at least one of the processes that have been mentioned in the article.

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