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Keep away from internet addiction- A serious health risk

BY: chitracs | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2008-09-30

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The doctors express that internet addiction is a serious health issue. Many people now work with computer throughout the day and most of the time they use internet. After finishing the office work, they go online and spend several hours daily. They are not interested in spending time with family members and friends, not interested in any social activity and they take less care in moving out even. Many children spend more time for playing games, sending mail and downloading wanted and unwanted things from internet.

Why should we keep away from internet addiction?
When we get addicted to internet, we will start neglecting all the other best things in life. All the time, we will be bursting with tension and shouting with anger unnecessarily. Some people develop the feelings of mental disorder due to depression. Due to poor concentration, we may not be doing our works properly and we give a chance for others to find fault with us. We may be isolated from the society. We may not be able to achieve any goal in life. We may get health problems like pain throughout the body, headache and dry eyes. We may not be interested in eating.

How to get rid of addiction to internet?
We can counsel the addicted persons to engage in other activities. The internet connection should be made available for them for a few hours only. They should be given some responsibilities at home so that they can spend time with their family members. The family members should take them for a tour. They may be asked to do non-computer related activities such as shopping and help the family members in household works. They should be advised to do physical exercise and yoga. Normal balanced diet should be given to them and we should create an interest in eating. They should be engaged in developing hobbies and interpersonal skills. We can create an interest in music, art, sports or cultural activities. They may be asked to watch cinema, TV or listen to jokes. If all these are not working, there is no other alternative but to take them to a doctor. The parents should be a good role model to children and they should keep away from internet addiction to save the children.

Who are all addicted to internet?
We think that only students get addicted to internet easily. But, people of varying ages are getting addicted now. Persons belonging to various cultural backgrounds somehow get interest in surfing the net and just like other bad habits this addiction will not allow them to perform other works. Many office goers and workers started getting interest in chatting, sending email, playing games and surfing the net and they should not allow this interest to end in addiction.

Having born in this world as human being, we should sense what is right and what is wrong. Overdoing of anything is addiction. Internet is really a boon to the society but it should be used to the extent required. Man need not get addicted to anything in life. We should add value to our lives. So, keep away from internet addiction and lead a happy life.

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