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Karma - The death of our only son

BY: chinna | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-12-09

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Date 7/12/09: Everyday its painful when thinking of late son, the way things went and I have to watch everything happening in front me including the death of our only son and I couldn't do anything. And now after the effect the dilemmas of the second child should we have it or not?

The wife as the desire for the second child, but I am not ready for it cos the confident level is too low and the fear of the past accident not allowing me to go for the second child. These are the reasons for.

1) The amount of suffering around and the unpredictable body.

2) High polluted and corruption in all the things.

3) Fear of the same thing happening.

4) The demanding world and the security for the child.

5) The fear of not meeting the ends.

6) What will he or she do coming into this world? The same things which their parents did eat sleep and be marrying.

These thoughts were not there before the late son but they came as the son departs. Now these are the blocking rocks and on the other hand wife is in hurry to have one more child and I am helpless thinking what the coming child will do in these world. The son of a b***h Rajandr Prasad who hit the car from behind will see the same disaster where his son and wife will die in accident and he will be all alone to watch and know the pain.

Here after no matters how much birth he will have he will not get the peace of mind he will only suffer this is the curse on him. Our whole life went ups and down and with out the child and the conflicts for the next baby. The chart of karma is hard to know why and what and the reasons of the things happening, I only know everyone in this world in respective of the power and positions will have to pay at appropriate given time for their deeds, and the history is the evidence for that. The father of lord Rama when he was on the bed of death none of the four son were beside him and he has to watch the blind couple laughing at him the parents of the shravan. Every one comes under the law of karma.

It's all most near two years of the accident and the painful days. But on the other hand I was blessed to come out and face it's only because of Sri Ramana Maharshi if he wouldn't have come before the accident today I wouldn't be alive

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