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KAMALA SURAYYA - A unique writer

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-07-03

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   Muhammed Haris
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Kamala surayya is a unique writer of this century. The kind of the open mindedness she brought in the literature of India is amazing. India being a traditional country she has to face a lot of criticisms for her writings. But one has to really salute the braveness she took to write however the pen turns. Her writings depict the real life of an Indian woman. The tragedy of the life of an Indian woman living like a machine to fulfill the sexual desires of her husband and her unending search of love are the main character of her writings. She portrays the attitude of a society of not allowing a woman so accept the love from an outsider.

In her autobiography -My life-, she writes one of her experiences. -A gentleman met me and started speaking about my writings. I always feel happy to hear about my writings. That guy was praising my writings. I was in very happy mood. Slowly he put his hand into my thigh. I was also not even a mood to stop him. He continued. His hand started moving across my thigh and went down to make me more tempted.

A married woman explaining her feelings and naughty incidents freely in her biography cannot be just accepted by the society. She had to face all the sorts of opposition from the society, even from her neighbors. The writers gave the name -Mad writer-.

Later, she gave a big shock to the society by embracing Islam. She started writing about Islam. She started coming with Hijab in public places. Once upon a time, she was calling herself as a slave of Krishna. When people started asking about it, she said -I have converted my Krishna into Islam. He is now my Allah. She even made the controversial comments against her old religion of Hinduism. But nothing has stopped her writings. It was a flowing river, till the end of her life. We all really miss such a writer. Her vision and ideology has strongly printed in the heart of the people. Let us expect the courage found in her writing in the present and future coming literature as well.

She remains as an achiever, who has just studied and grown like a great writer, up to the extent that the English literature syllabus of the famous universities across the world adopted her writing in their study materials.

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About Author / Additional Info: Hi I am Muhammed Haris, working for Hinduja (Formelry HTMT) Global Solutions,Bangalore,INDIA. You may reach me at muhar786@gmail.com or at +919739094168

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