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Junk mails in our mailboxes. Why do we get so much email Spam?

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-07-25

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   Muhammed Haris
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Junk mails have become a very disturbing element in our mailboxes. Because of the heavy volume of junk mails we receive, it has been a difficult to find and read the important mails. We receive so much unwanted email because of the practice of our email service providers, many of whom are selling our personal email IDs to the marketing agencies. This is also a big reason why junk mails land to our mail boxes and people get disturbed. Generally when a person finds a set of Junk mails, he selects all these mails assumes to be the unwanted mails and clicks on the Delete option. But many a times our important mail get deleted accidently in such situations. So, Junk mails even result in losing the important data. Junk mail filters also do not always work as intended, infact sometimes they mis-identify deliver our important emails directly into the Junk folder.

Many mail boxes have a feature of creating mail rules to avoid Junk mails. But since junk mails come in different formats, various texts and different subject lines, it is almost impossible to code for blocking all the junk mails. In one or the other way, the junk mails get into our Inbox. Most of the junk mails are about advertising the products or services. In fact most of the time, advertising through the junk mails does not reach the right people anyway. It just causes the disturbance to the uninterested people.

Internet has no such ownership or the management. It has been the common sense factor, which has been driving the internet so far. But the tendency of advertising agencies is just to see the benefit of themself. These people have no regards for privacy of others and the disturbance caused to general public from their actions. Junk mails are the cause of such pathetic attitude.

So we need to have strict measures enforced in form of cyber laws to prevent the junk mails. One should not be in a position to send a mail, unless he mentions the source from where he got the email ID. If we can control the disturbances of the junk mails, there is no doubt that, emailing services will the most preferred way of communication.

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