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Journey Of The Prada Hnadbags

BY: Shipra Kaul | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2009-01-05

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   Shipra Kaul
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If the idea of buying a designer handbag has emerged in your mind then Prada handbag is the name which would strike first in your mind. It is this popularity of the Prada handbags which has made everyone to think of buying it. The company was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. From the time Prada started developing handbags, heavy walrus skin was the material used. But the use of walrus skin was found to be unsuitable for people traveling through air. Due to this drawback, Prada started using more and more fine leather when designing its handbags and accessories. The other materials used included crystals, wood, and tortoise shell. The brand Prada is widely known for its simple yet elegant designs.
It is this simplicity of the Prada handbags which has given for the fakers to produce fake Prads designer handbags. It is really very difficult for some people to spot the original Prada handbag from a fake one. In the present times, the aspiration of every common man is to be the owner of a Prada handbag. It is this urge of the common man which has given way to the fakers to produce fake Prada handbags.

There are a number of websites like e-bay which can provide you with the tips on buying various varieties of the Prada handbags and also all the things which should be kept in buying while bidding on a Prada handbag over the internet. It is recommended that you should ask the seller a whole lot of questions so as to get an idea of the difference between an original Prada handbag and a fake one. The bidding should be done only after you get fully satisfied with all the explanations provided to you by the seller.
The journey of the Prada handbag includes the updating in the material used to prepare the Prada handbag and also looking into the fact that no fake Prada handbags are being circulated in the market, because it would affect the sales to a large extend. Prada handbags are a real piece of art as the labor involved is all experienced.

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