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Jewish philosophy and Judaism theology

BY: sonu | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-09-11

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Introducing Jewish philosophy

Jewish Philosophy refers to all philosophical activity carried out by Jews or in relation to the religion of Judaism. Process Philosophy for some gives god a special place in the universe of occasions of experience and some have a different persona for it. Religion can be revealed as the attempt to connect with the practical deployment of philosophy in different phases.

Jewish Theology

One of the major trends in modern Jewish Philosophy was the attempt to develop a theory of Judaism through "Existentialism". Franz Rosenzweig . In his new Philosophy he portrayed the relationships between god, humanity and world as they are connected by creation, revelation and redemption.

The most controversial form of Jewish philosophy that developed in early 20th century was the religious naturalism of rabbi Mordecai Kaplan. He affirmed that God is not personal and all anthropomorphic descriptions of God are, at best imperfect metaphors. His theology went beyond this to claim that God is the sum of all natural processes that allow man to become self-fulfilled. Kaplan wrote that to believe in God means to take for granted that it is man's destiny to rise above the brute and to eliminate all forms of violence and exploitation from human society.

One of the recent trends that have reframed Jewish theology is through Process Philosophy or more specifically pronounced as Process Theology.

Process Philosophy suggests that fundamental of the Universe are occasions of Experience. If we go according to this notion it will refer to what people commonly think of as concrete objects that are actually successions of these occasions of experience. Occasions of experience can be collected into groupings. This can be reframed as "Human being is thus a grouping of smaller occasions of experience and thus everything in the Universe is characterized by experience." "There is no mind-body duality under this system because mind is simply seen as a very developed kind of experiencing."

Process Philosophy gives God a special place in the Universe of occasions of experience. God thus encompasses all the other occasions of experience and also transcends them. Thus Process of Philosophy is a form of Panentheism.


There are five main positions with regard to the Existence of God that has been considered by the philosophers namely "Theism" ( belief in the existence of one or more deities ) , "Pantheism" ( belief that God is both immanent and transcendent ) , "Deism" ( Belief that God exists but does not interfere with Human Life and laws of Universe ) , "Agnosticism" ( belief that existence or non-existence of deities is currently unknown or unknowable or that existence of God cannot be proven ) and "Atheism" (the rejection of belief or absence of belief in deities).

Different religions namely Jainism, Buddhism, Hindus and others have all developed religious world views based on, or incorporating philosophical investigation. Where one side Hindus believe in many different deities on the other side Buddhists generally do not believe in the existence of a creator God similar to that of the Abrahamic religions, but direct attention to a state called Nirvana. The norms of different religions attempts to justify belief in God by independent grounds. There is plenty of philosophical literature on faith and other related subjects that directs one to justify the existence of God on rational grounds.

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