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James Hicks MLM Coaching

BY: Thomas Peters | Category: Business and Finance | Post Date: 2010-01-25

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   Thomas Peters
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I've been spending a lot of time recently hunting and researching online marketing and trying to learn the strategies that I can use to build my network marketing business online. When I started looking around I stumbled upon loads of self proclaimed experts but most of them I found to be very un-interested in helping me! Many of them just seemed to be hiding behind their computers and personal contact was impossible even though they proclaimed that they were happy to speak to you directly. I drew up a list of possible online marketers that might be able to help me and James Hicks was one of the names on my scrap of paper.

My business is network marketing and it seemed a good idea to take my business to the internet to improve my results. Anyway to cut a long story short I went to the personal MLM blog of James Hicks. He's been building his mlm on the internet now for about 7 short months, he in that time has developed quite an astonishing downline. He started from a zero budget (like myself) and has gone on to develop a very respectable income and he has accomplished this using nothing but free methods! I think he has a very unique method of compelling folks to take action. He is a down to earth guy and very straight talking.

James Hicks produces high quality information to attract attention to his mlm and gets a lot of traffic to his websites using videos, press releases and articles. Since utilising content marketing he gets many many leads every day, James also highly recommended to me Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring. After getting my own copy of Magenetic Sponsoring and having read it I would highly recommend that you get a copy for yourself, this book will change your thought pattern forever allowing you to experience great success.

Some of the strategies I have learnt from James Hicks include

- How Attraction marketing works
- Creating valuable content that will make folks want to take action and join your business
- Making use of the social sites to promote your own personal brand
- Why you should brand yourself and not your opportunity
- Following up via email and telephone to maximise conversions
- Becoming the hunted rather than chasing prospects around

Personal branding is critical, pushing some replicated company website is not the way to succeed online. Already there are lots of people promoting duplicated sites hoping to rake in new recruits and make product sales. The truth is that such an approach is seldom effective, you see people are only going to buy from those that they know and trust. So the key here is to brand yourself and have your very own blog or website which is all about you and offer real useful information and ask that person to opt in to your subscriber list. If you do this you will be creating your own list of warm prospects that you can begin to build a relationship with. Done correctly you are able to market useful products to that list over and over. I learnt these methods from James Hicks and I can certainly see the logic of it.

If more success in your business is what you desire then I hope some of my thoughts here will help you to become more profitable. Certainly if you are seeking a good mentor then the training of James Hicks is second to none.

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About Author / Additional Info: If you're in quest of free successful marketing strategies that will show you how to literally explode your network marketing business on the internet then it's very important you get yourself informed at the blog of James Hicks www.WhoIsJamesHicks.com

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