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BY: shally | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-12-11

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You know its really difficult to combat this period of being jobless. Personally I have gone through it twice, and I realised both times that latter was more painful than the former one. You try to orget it by doing silly things ---- doing things which actually occupy your mind (intelligent people do it obviously ) but then what about the lazy one. Not every body knows to control or deviate their mind as per their choice .. its difficult, really it is. But then nothing is impossible .

You must have heard of positive energy / negative energy (thanks to these articles related to feng -shui,vaastu ). Do something which fills positive energy in you ---- like happy things ( a term from my dictionary that means things that make us happy. Even if it means annoying some one ( Kindly do it at your own risk) At that point of time One might term them as silly things as only a good job offer can satisfy you . No bargain No compromise . Because you will feel good when you are comfortable and the stage of being employed ( the crown of being an earning hand ) will only make you comfortable but then there s no harm in trying out new things . So ladies and gentlemen, Here are some tips tried and tested (By me only)

1) You must have some shoulder to cry upon ( you know to cry how long and hard have you been trying and accusing luck for your uncomfortability and miserable situation .But yes be insure that the person on opposite side is n't bored .Better to have some free talk time scheme so that bill is not a tension .

2) Try to do things which you have forgot long back - once they used to be your hobbies like drawing and painting. Its ok if you have not drawn or painted since long .It does n't matter atleast I am not asking you to put them on exhibition right .

3) Buy some punching bag ( god !!..already you are jobless and I am asking you to spend money .even that big bag where you keep flour or rice provided you don't hurt yourself . You know its really important to vent out frustation. So whats better than that ..Happy punching!.....

4) Learn to cook food .Cooking food takes a lot of time. It will keep you engage for hours and you won't realise when the whole day passed away .

But yes on a serious note Do take some time out to search for a good job through internet cafe ,newspapers ,contacts and references and Stay positive as only being hopeful and positive is going to help you out in long run ...

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About Author / Additional Info: I am an Eng Hons graduate. I work with a bank at present . and I really like to read a lot . I would like to use this opportunity to enhance my writing skills. Thanks to saching.

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