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Is there any safety left for women? (In the name of love)

BY: anuc | Category: Social Issues | Post Date: 2009-10-26

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Violence against women: The name itself is hard to pronounce because all of these are the most commonest things going around us. Very horrible acts are going under the name violence against women.

Now-a-days..it's seeming to be like a sin to be born as a girl child because in this society, beasts(psyco's and sadists) are firming up instead of responsible citizens. Even a school going girl doesn't have at least 1/4th of safety.

- A ninth class girl 'Naga Sri', was murdered very cruely as we know. She did not even know whats happening around her even when she was going to die. It remained a lot of pain in all the people around Vijayawada.

- And as we know, a very famous and well-famed murder of Sri Lakshmi in Sarada college, Vijayawada. It happened in the name of love.

- And later Lakshmi Sujatha, RJ and a news reader.

- Later Ayesha Meera, and so on... till Swapnika.

Are all these the destiny's because they were born as women? Whats all this non-sense and nuisance? Even a small girl is getting torchured because of some sadists. She even don't know whats happening, but she is only responsible for the circumstances later.

Is there any safety left for women? Women is the one who gives us life by troubling her life. Why don't people remind their relations (women) while doing all such activities? It's really a great sin which will follow you and your family for decades. Many foreigners are coming to India because of our traditions, relations and culture. But what we people are doing? We are ruining the prestigious fame of India born as Indians.

Just think, every one will have angry and emotions. But, even then we should never loose our self control because a man who is the master of self-control is the master of everything.

What do we gain commiting mistakes and murders while we angry? Nothing !

What do we get by making others feel sad of our harsh words? Nothing!

Everything we can gain only if we are good to others because no one has the right to oppose you if you are perfect. And friends, only now women are looking at the society and getting a well-knowledge and please don't spoil it but your worst behaviour.

A special Message to EVE TEASERS: Your comments really give a lot of pain in our heart. Your cheap comments matter a lot to us. No one is born perfect. I'm sorry to say this - No one is born without any defect in them. So, why do you look at others faults without seeing your defects?

Just think with your heart. It will never give do any good if any girl cried because of you. Please please please........think about this once before saying or doing. This time I will be very happy because even one word or sentence of mine can touch your heart...

Thank you,
Let's hope for the best...

AGAIN, I will be the one....the most happiest one if even a small word of mine passed over your heart. I will be waiting for a change in you.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: Anusha Mariseti, Good daughter of Mr and Mrs SURIBABU, Good sister of Saran and Ram, A loving and best friend of....... Siri, Sravya, Priya, Bachi, Pavani, Mouni, Sailu, Deepu, Sindhura and many more.....

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social issues
hi...........anusha this is mounika ur articles so nice so intresting other activites meda kuda rayi k keep it up bye tacke care
mounika 2010-01-20
and....my answer
thank u 4 ur complement and question.. i will surely manage to council each and every1. if da girls r gettng harrassed.,first of all...they need an individuality to speak out.they need a lot of maturity in their spirit and soul in order to get rid of all these.so..sincerely i will try 4 getting dat awareness.
anusha 2010-01-01
Hai anu, This is krishna, past resident of chirala. Your article is good. so touching. A small question to you. `What would you do if u are given the rights to save the girls who are immensely killing by the psychos?"
krishna 2009-12-07
excellent thought
its really an excellent thought. you are really making people thinkable.and you have done a very rare job.i was watching your articles.everyone has its own speciality.keep it up.
megha 2009-10-26

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