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Is it true? Naked dance by girls in villages of Andra Pradhesh.

BY: Muhammed Haris | Category: India | Post Date: 2009-08-20

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   Muhammed Haris
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In some villages of Andhra Pradesh state of India, there has been a beginning of a tremendously shameful culture which involves naked dance by the young girls. This act is very rare and extremely secretive. Earlier it was happening secretly in the villages during night, but nowadays even in some marriage programs this naked dance culture has started to take place. Whenever there is the news that a naked dance by girls is about to happen, several local men gather in big numbers to have fun. Majority of them do not come to appreciate the dance culture, their main purpose is to see these naked girls. Young girls dance on the music, absolutely naked. You may not believe about this dirty culture in India, but it is true. Even the local police officials are often aware of it, but they do not take any actions against this culture. May they do not want to get into this regional mess.

Recently I happen to watch a video of it. I was under the impression that, it would be like a typical modern dancing by wearing less dress. But it was not so. Young girls come by wearing some bath towel kind of comfortable cloths. Then they start dancing by holding those towels in hand and by showing every part of their body, not even with a thread on their body. They begin dancing on the stage, later some of the men watching the program take them below the stage and then who knows what happens. I initially doubted the authenticity of the video. But later I could see one such incident reported by a news channel. For the sake of money these girls are ready to show anything in the public. Obviously these things are very rare and very secretive otherwise they will be all over the media. This is not the true culture of Andhra Pradesh, some people are trying to take advantage of these poor girls. People from Andhra Pradesh are one of the best people in India but incidents like these should not go unchecked.

In moral sense it is more than the prostitution. Girls involved in prostitution always do it in closed rooms, but in cases like these, if a girl would show her naked body before the hundreds of people that would be the worst ever practice on the earth. Even the courage of those girls is shamefully amazing. At least for the sake of protecting the dignity of India, can the government ban these like dirty cultures?

These are author personal experiences and this website cannot authenticate these claims one way or the other. Like all Indians, we respect people from all over the India including AP. All questions or concerns should be emailed directly to Muhar at muhar786@gmail.com

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