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Is it necessary to be a workaholic? Work addiction is not good

BY: chitracs | Category: Health and Fitness | Post Date: 2008-09-26

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Who is a workaholic?
The person who has got an addiction to work always is called a workaholic. If possible these people would want to work like a machine for all the 24 hrs. These people may often ignore social life, personal health and feelings of other coworkers.

Coworkers do not like workaholics
Everybody likes to work with people who work well; but it is not good to work all the time. Some people work with fear in the sense that others will not respect them if they don't work extraordinarily hard and for long hours. Coworkers often feel pressurized themselves to do additional work and may fear to look inferior in the eyes of manager.

Being an extreme workaholic is not good for health:
It is unhealthy to do work continuously. The people who are workaholic often forget their personal life and engage themselves in office work. They should come out of work for some time and allocate time for everything in life.

Some people finish the allotted work in time or even before that and spare some time for other activities. Working hard is different from being a workaholic. The hard working person enjoys his work but a workaholic is always addicted to his work. It is enough to do the work as per the requirement but not as much as they can do by over stressing. Those who drag the work and seem to be working always are also workaholic. We should analyse whether the time spent for the work is justified and should try to finish the work within a logical estimate of time.

Some people become workaholic due to family reasons:
The workaholic people fail in time management. Some people become workaholic to escape from family and social problems, . The workaholic people feel that they are making a sacrifice of everything for the sake of work.

Keep a proper balance:
Working with enthusiasm and taking any challenge in the job is really appreciable. But, we should finish the work in time and come out of it. Even thinking about the work from morning to night without any other thought or involvement in anything is objectionable. We should not take everything on our head. We should learn to share the work with our subordinates and colleagues. The workaholic people think that they are only perfect and others will spoil the work. The workaholic person will definitely have some disease, due to work pressure.

How to control ourselves from being a workaholic?
We should learn to greet others and create more friends. We should enjoy each moment of our life. We need not follow the same time table always. We can make slight changes in our routine works. We should understand well the priorities in life. The workaholic person has to spend time for family members because they will be anxiously waiting to share a lot with him. He has got duties at home also. Next, we can allot time for sharing thoughts with his friends. He should not forget to relax for some time.

While eating, he should enjoy and take balanced food. The time for sleeping should not be sacrificed for anything. Engaging in hobby and activities which gives pleasure to us are also important. After finishing a tough job, we can go for a tour with family or friends. Finally, doing meditation, yoga and physical exercise will keep the mind and body fit. So, work hard but never be a workaholic.

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